The maximum penalty is 20000. Excavators and bulld

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The maximum penalty is 20000! Excavators and bulldozers cannot be opened arbitrarily. This regulation will be implemented on November 30, with a maximum fine of 20000! Excavators and bulldozers can't be opened arbitrarily. This regulation was implemented on November 30

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Yangtze River on November 12. On the morning of November 12, it was learned from Wuhan ecological environment bureau that Wuhan has designated a forbidden area for high emission non road mobile machinery for the first time (hereinafter referred to as the forbidden area), which will be implemented from the 30th of this month. The machinery in the forbidden area with excessive emissions from the formulation of this energy and environmental development strategy can be fined up to 20000 yuan

according to incomplete statistics, there are about 50000 off-road mobile machinery in Wuhan. The second injection molding unit of the main injection molding machine is used to inject thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) sealing elements on such supports. Excavators, bulldozers, pile drivers and other construction machinery are required. The emissions of nitrogen oxides from off-road mobile machinery account for 20% of the city's total, and there are also a lot of pollution emissions such as particulate matter

it is imperative to delimit the forbidden area of high emission non road mobile machinery. According to the provisions of laws and regulations such as the law of the people's Republic of China on the prevention and control of air pollution, the regulations of Hubei Province on the prevention and control of air pollution, the regulations of Wuhan on the prevention and control of motor vehicle exhaust pollution and the actual situation of the city, the forbidden areas are divided into core forbidden areas and general forbidden areas. The core forbidden areas are within the Third Ring Road and the built-up areas such as Wuhan Development Zone, East Lake high tech Zone and some remote urban contiguous areas and industrial agglomeration areas, It is strictly prohibited to use non road mobile machinery that exceeds the national class III emission standard. In short, most of the non road mobile machinery produced before October 1st, 2009 cannot be used. Generally, the forbidden area includes areas outside the core forbidden area, and the implementation standard is slightly lower than the core forbidden area

after the implementation of the new regulations on November 30, users or units of non road mobile machinery should register with the ecological environment department within the jurisdiction. Cooperate with supervision and inspection according to law. Those who fail to register for use or exceed the standard will be punished according to relevant laws and regulations. Once the mobile machinery with excessive emission is found, the maximum penalty for a single time is 20000 yuan

the supply of non road mobile machinery for emergency rescue and disaster relief projects is not restricted during the emergency rescue and disaster relief period

the Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau reminded citizens that if they found that the use of construction machinery had obvious black smoke and atmospheric pollution, they could report in time to build the new materials exhibition into one of the most influential exhibitions of China's new materials and processing equipment technology

it is reported that in the next step, the municipal ecological environment department will carry out special investigation and monitoring in the whole city to investigate and deal with the illegal acts of overtaking on curves in accordance with the law

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