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The environmental information disclosure measures (for Trial Implementation) will come into force on May 1, 2008. As part of the Chinese government's efforts to achieve sustainable economic development, a management measure aimed at standardizing and promoting the disclosure of environmental information by environmental protection administrative departments and enterprises will come into force next year

this kind of instrument will be used. It was learned from the state environmental protection administration that the pollution of plastic granulators to the environment is also quite serious. The environmental information disclosure measures (for Trial Implementation) will be implemented from May 1, 2008. Its purpose is to promote and standardize the environmental protection administrative departments and enterprises to disclose environmental information, and to protect public rights and interests together with some other fillers

according to this method, the government environmental protection department must record the information made or obtained in the performance of environmental protection duties in a certain form in the future, and local governments need to establish relevant systems to collect such information. The enterprise should also record the information related to the environmental impact of business activities in a certain form. The enterprise should publish the information about the environmental protection plan and the impact of business activities on the environment every year. It is suitable for the torsion test of note book notebook computers, TV LCD TVs, LCD monitors, portable DVDs and other products and hinge monomers; This machine adopts touch screen Chinese window program setting influence and other relevant data

according to the measures, the government environmental protection department should disclose the government environmental information to the public before March 31 of each year, which should include the laws and regulations related to the environmental protection plan, the current situation of environmental quality, and the data and details of various environmental investigations

it is worth mentioning that the measures also stipulates that the environmental protection department shall not disclose government environmental information involving state secrets, trade secrets or personal privacy. However, if the environmental protection department believes that not disclosing some of the government environmental information involving trade secrets and personal privacy may have an adverse impact on the public interest, the environmental protection department will use the government station Such information shall be disclosed to the public by means of communiques or press conferences that are easy for the public to know

Pan Yue, deputy director of the State Environmental Protection Administration, said that at the beginning of last year, the State Environmental Protection Administration issued China's first government regulation on public participation in environmental protection, the measures for public participation in environmental assessment; In the first half of this year, China issued the first trial measures on environmental information disclosure, which laid the foundation for cultivating the "new public welfare spirit"

the ultimate driving force to solve China's severe environmental problems comes from the public. "Public participation in environmental protection cannot stay at the level of planting trees and grass, but should fully exercise the right to know, to participate, to express, to supervise, and to participate in all kinds of public affairs of environmental protection." A spokesman for the State Environmental Protection Administration said

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