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Mobile application store plays the "open card" and the competition among operators is becoming increasingly fierce

with the rapid development of 3G because materials can print 3D at room temperature, the application store has also become a new focus for operators, manufacturers and network manufacturers. Relevant experts believe that open platforms are the general trend of mobile Internet. For example, the success of apple and Facebook has an important relationship with their open platforms. The value of open platforms is that they can enable businesses and end consumers to take what they need, and the same passive needle can not benefit when it stops at any position

app store competition involves the whole industry chain

although the main theme of competition among operators is 3G networks and services, the three operators also attach great importance to app stores. China Mobile took the lead in launching the application store mm mall, Chinatelecom's "Tianyi space" has been launched, and China Unicom's "unistore" has also been officially launched. With the launch of more and more application stores, the competition in this emerging market has also become fierce. Liuqicheng, general manager of communication world, believes that, unlike its own competition, the competition of application stores involves different links of the industrial chain, which is crisscrossed horizontally and vertically, making it more chaotic

open platforms are getting the attention of merchants

at present, open platforms are getting the attention of more and more merchants. According to Wuyi, assistant general manager of TenPay, a domestic third-party payment company, up to now, more than 3000 merchants have applied for TenPay open platform, and more than 300 applications are under development. He said that the value of TenPay's open platform lies in building a platform that enables merchants and users to get what they need. For small and medium-sized developers, market promotion costs a lot. Relying on Tencent's user scale and TenPay's payment channels, it can completely solve the problem of stress testing machine for promotion and trading. For users, after a period of accumulation, They can query various needs on the open platform of TenPay, saving time and energy

life service apps will be the focus of the future

the latest report shows that by the end of 2010, Apple's iTunes Store had about 300000 apps, the number of Android Market apps increased to 120000, the number of Nokia Ovi app store apps increased to 25000, and the number of BlackBerry App World apps also increased to 18000. The number of apps in iTunes has doubled throughout the year, but the scale of the app store is more amazing than that of the app store with small non slip surface. The number of Android apps has increased by 544% in one year, BlackBerry apps by 268% and Nokia apps by 258%

the competition for application platforms is becoming increasingly fierce, and the involvement of third-party payment platforms has also begun to speed up. IResearch analysts believe that the launch of an open platform such as TenPay is expected to increase its market share, further stimulate the innovation of other payment enterprises, and promote the upgrading of the industrial model of the whole industry. In addition, in the long run, payment enterprises can also use this platform to layout the mobile payment market. Once the product line is mature, they can launch an access life service application platform to create new opportunities for performance growth. Beijing Business Daily

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