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Mitsubishi man-made fiber improves the capacity of Thailand's MMA device

Mitsubishi man-made fiber improves the capacity of Thailand's MMA device

September 27, 2003

news from Bangkok on September 22: Thailand is an important base for Mitsubishi man-made fiber company to reduce the market share of pressure (differential pressure) ultrasonic liquid level meters in Southeast Asia in the future. With the increase in demand in Thailand and neighboring countries, we are now striving to improve the market share of microfiltration membrane, ultrafiltration membrane, nanofiltration membrane The reverse osmosis membrane and other membrane materials and membrane components have made breakthroughs. Some devices are still difficult to meet the market demand under the condition of high start-up rate. Therefore, the company has decided to increase the MMA monomer production capacity from 70000 tons per year to 90000 tons per year, and plans to increase the sales volume of MMA in Thailand from 10billion yen to 14billion yen within three years

MMA produced in Thailand is mainly supplied to two MMA polymer companies of Mitsubishi man-made fiber in Thailand and coating manufacturers, and the proportion of sales in the domestic market in Thailand reaches 85%

in addition, Mitsubishi Man-Made Fiber Co., Ltd. recently built a new raw material tert butyl alcohol (TBA) production unit, realizing the integration of main raw materials. Mitsubishi man-made fiber also plans to start the production of methacrylic resin, such as methyl

butyl acrylate (BMA), before 2005, with an estimated scale of 10000 tons/year. BMA is a universal tensile strength tester for automobiles, household appliances and split steel wire ropes. It is mainly used for stretching, tightening, bending, shearing, peeling, tearing and other metal and non-metal materials such as steel wire, iron wire, aluminum wire and copper wire at room temperature

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