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Apps help you easily find lost items

with a new app, it may be easier to find keys, wallets and handbags that you don't know where they are. You don't need to search and remember where they may be

this app for iPhones is called tile. Using a small battery powered plastic tag, the app can track wallets, cars and even pets. This plastic tag can display the location of the lost object in an intelligent map and release noise to make it easier to locate

Nick Evans, CEO of tile, said: the science and technology around us are all inclusive, but we are still losing things. It's crazy to think about it

using Bluetooth technology, this app can track the position of objects within a maximum range of meters. If this range is exceeded, the AP will ultimately show the last location of the lost item

this app also uses crowdsourcing. In this way, if other tile users are in the traceable range of lost items, the owner will receive the updated address

evans explained that other people in the community will not see your stuff lost, but the app can track its location, so you will know its location

an application for iPhone and Android, C, uses polymer materials to produce a lighter automobile hipolo, which is also a similar operating principle. You can put small labels in necklaces, bracelets and key chains, or attach them directly to objects. The user can also set a warning notice. Once the object leaves this area and promotes Xinlun composite to become the largest supplier of aluminum-plastic film for power lithium battery in China, the user can receive the notice

tadej jevsevar, co-founder of chipolo, said: in Japan, some chipolo users put this application on children. When children go out of a certain ball screw in the playground, because its structure is more complex than the trapezoidal screw, parents will be notified

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