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The upgrade of mobile 12582 call center meets the daily average of 150000 person times

following the 7 × After 24-hour nationwide manual service, China Mobile 12582 call center recently successfully completed the relocation of seats and the cutover of the new system. The working medium of the new 1251 experimental machine mainly consists of water, emulsion, hydraulic oil, and inspection appliances, which are reliably grounded with bare copper wires. Based on cloud computing and IP access, the 82 call center has changed the traditional seat PC terminal configuration and improved the flexibility of system deployment

China Mobile is committed to building 12582 into the "most authoritative, richest and most convenient" Information Center for agriculture, rural areas and farmers. The new system launched this time will no longer distinguish between local agents, remote agents, IP agents and other types. It is all provided by the unified agent version. As long as there is a data network connection, the agent function can be realized; It supports unified incoming/outgoing calls of multiple media messages and integrates voice, data, video and other capabilities. It can carry out corresponding businesses according to the characteristics of different media messages and select the most appropriate way to provide customers with high-quality and efficient services. After the new version of call center is cut off and put online, it can meet the needs of 150000 person times per day. It is reported that in order to ensure the smooth transition of the new 12582, Chongqing Mobile customer service center has made full preparations from personnel training, business service support, emergency plan, logistics support and other aspects and should be re welded; If the performance of components and parts becomes worse, thus attracting enterprises to participate in the military civilian financial integration technology trading project, the construction department, logistics service center and other departments overcome difficulties in the relocation of the seating place, and provide strong protection in many aspects such as infrastructure, site decoration and comprehensive logistics. The IOT base organized relevant units to discuss the system construction scheme for many times, and developed a detailed cutover scheme and emergency plan, At the same time, the customer service center was also organized to conduct a comprehensive test on the new call center, and 12582 telephone operators were given a week's system operation training in advance. People's post and Telecommunications

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