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Mobil black overlord and sinotruk help China's logistics to reduce costs and increase efficiency and improve smooth transportation capacity

Mobil black overlord and sinotruk help China's logistics to reduce costs and increase efficiency and improve smooth transportation capacity

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[China, Binzhou] March 20, 2017, The "million kilometer conference of sinotruman technology products" jointly organized by ExxonMobil and sinotruk was grandly held in Binzhou, Shandong Province. Industry experts from SINOTRUK, ExxonMobil and China Federation of logistics and purchasing and many commercial vehicle media jointly celebrated that sinotruman technology heavy truck successfully challenged the million kilometer mark again, and witnessed the all-round technical cooperation between the two sides, Jointly promote the cost reduction and efficiency increase of China's logistics, and achieve the fruitful results of smoother transportation capacity

Mr. Yang Dong, deputy general manager of ExxonMobil (China) Investment Co., Ltd., made a speech at the million kilometer conference of China heavy truck Manman technology products.

how to realize cost reduction and efficiency increase in modern logistics industry is a hot spot at the two sessions just concluded this year. At present, "high-speed logistics" has become a powerful tool to solve this problem with the advantages of perfect transportation network and mature vehicle technology. The demand for high-speed logistics vehicles in China has also increased year by year, becoming the most important segment of China's heavy truck market. In the years of cooperation with SINOTRUK, ExxonMobil has been using excellent products and professional technical services to bring reassuring lubrication protection and whole process solutions to SINOTRUK mc11 engine, help sinotruk to launch more high-reliability transport vehicles, meet the needs of high-speed logistics, and fight the tough battle of "cost reduction and efficiency increase in the logistics industry". This includes the cooperative road test of the "long oil change technology project" which has just come to an end

the cooperation project was officially launched in april2015 and lasted nearly two years. At the beginning of the design, the road test results were fully considered. In fact, the instigator must be replaced immediately when it alarms; Applicability of road conditions. At present, half of the vehicles participating in the road test have successfully completed the third round of test, and have withstood the double challenges of weather and environment all year round. The journey covers major highway conditions across the country, with a total test mileage of nearly 2million km, and has achieved the phased results of 100000 km 1 oil change cycle for long-distance tractors under high-speed road conditions. This breakthrough means less maintenance costs and smoother highway transportation capacity, and also marks that the level of the long-term oil change technology project jointly completed by ExxonMobil and China National Heavy duty truck has risen to the leading level in China. It not only well meets the transportation needs of China's road conditions and high-speed logistics, but also further helps many truck drivers and fleets achieve the goal of being more efficient and smooth. In order to further ensure the accuracy of the road test data, the road test team is continuously monitoring the third round of test data. On the basis of this project, more urban road tests will be carried out in order to give better play to the potential of the whole vehicle to fully adapt to the road conditions in China

all the vehicles participating in the road test are 7-platform after-sales vehicles equipped with MC engines by China National Heavy Duty Truck, and are equipped with Mobil black overlord high-end engine lubricant. As one of the new generation of high-end heavy truck products of SINOTRUK, 7 platform tractor is widely favored by trunk line transportation and logistics users because of its outstanding fuel economy, stable and reliable overall performance and high attendance rate. Its mc11 engine continues the technical advantages of Germany, and adopts high-end configurations such as Germany Bosch high pressure common rail system and hengst oil filtration system, Provide full support for engine cleanliness and service life

behind the digital breakthrough is the full embodiment of the integration of technology, products and services. As the initial oil supplier and long-term partner of SINOTRUK MC engine, ExxonMobil not only specially provides high-performance Mobil black overlord lubricating oil to provide high-level protection for engine components, improve engine fuel economy, help prolong engine service life, but also maintains close cooperation with sinotruk, Provide professional services and extensive technical support that are strongly supported and helped by national quality inspection departments and enterprises at all levels. In the research of this "long-term oil change technology project", ExxonMobil China OEM team provided overall services for China National Heavy Duty Truck (sinotruk), and provided full-time professional lubricating oil solutions, vehicle status tracking detection and oil analysis according to the road test scheme of China National Heavy Duty Truck Technology Center. During the test, Mobil Youshida ℠ oil analysis service conducted real-time monitoring and data analysis on various indicators of seven Tractors Equipped with MC engines, including oil viscosity, oxidation degree, total alkali value, soot content, pavement performance index, wear metal elements, etc

Mr. Yang Dong, deputy general manager of ExxonMobil (China) Investment Co., Ltd., said: "Over the past hundred years, ExxonMobil has always insisted on developing new technologies, cooperated closely with industry-leading OEMs, took it as its duty to extend the service life of equipment, provided high-performance lubricants and after-sales service guarantee, and responded to industry changes for a long time. Whether it is 100000 or 1000000, it will always be just a starting point for us. We will continue to make innovations and breakthroughs with the strength of 100 years' research and development, and help the business of Chinese vehicle equipment users Lu Shun. "

[1] the 100000 km oil change cycle is applicable to the 7-platform tractor equipped with MC engine and equipped with Mobil black overlord special oil supply under high-speed road conditions

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