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Mitsubishi Liyang integrated its carbon fiber business in the United States. On February 26, Mitsubishi Liyang said it would integrate its business in the United States

on April 1, the company will officially establish a subsidiary named Mitsubishi Liyang carbon fiber and composite, which is an experimental material without electrochemical measurement, in Irving, California. The new company will mainly produce and sell carbon fiber, composite materials and adhesive films. At the same time, the company will integrate the existing businesses in the United States, including the production and sales subsidiary Grafil company, and the production and sales company of composite materials and bonding films Newport adhesives and composites company, which produce and sell carbon fiber under the high pressure wear conditions specified in gb/t50081 ⑵ 002. Mitsubishi Liyang acquired the two companies in the early 1990s. Through the business integration of the two companies and the recently acquired aldila company, it will enhance its business position in the United States

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