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As we all know, formaldehyde pollution has become an important factor threatening human health and happiness index. With the expansion of formaldehyde detection market demand, various formaldehyde detection equipment came into being. Behind the good market development prospect, there are also some "chaos" in the formaldehyde detection industry that need to be rectified in time. Only by developing strengths and avoiding weaknesses can we truly realize the rapid development of the industry

there are many doubts about formaldehyde detection

in order to protect the life and health of their families and themselves, more and more people choose to use formaldehyde detection to ensure the safety of their new homes. In the market, various advertisements with formaldehyde management as the selling point dazzle consumers and completely lose the ability to choose and judge. In addition, there is a certain degree of inconsistency between the professionalism and testing ability of some formaldehyde testing companies, which makes consumers more suspicious

relevant experts have pointed out that although odor is also a means to judge formaldehyde, it is definitely not professional and effective. Only through the detection of professional equipment can we determine whether there is formaldehyde exceeding the standard. In recent years, although the demand for formaldehyde detection market has been rising, many unreasonable phenomena have emerged: there is no special market supervision department, nor accurate pricing for formaldehyde detection, and some enterprises do not have qualified industrial qualifications...

the development of domestic formaldehyde detection market is uneven, This has further stimulated customers' demand for replacing suspicious components with good components for high-quality formaldehyde detection, and a number of representative specifications for geotechnical investigation of high-quality formaldehyde detection equipment (GB 50021 ⑵ 001) came into being

various new products are emerging frequently

1. The smallest formaldehyde detector in China

recently, medical workers of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Suzhou high tech Zone said that they had successfully developed the second generation formaldehyde concentration detector after more than half a year. This newly developed formaldehyde sensor chip and template effectively improve the deficiencies of other similar products in the market, such as insufficient detection accuracy, inability to continuously test, too long preheating time and lack of stability

in addition, the volume of this formaldehyde tester is only one tenth of that of the original "electronic clock" formaldehyde tester. It is the most sophisticated formaldehyde tester in China at present. Its performance has reached the international advanced level, with 15 patents. It is expected to be listed in 2018

2. In car formaldehyde detector

in addition to indoor formaldehyde pollution, in car formaldehyde exceeding the standard also has load displacement, load time, displacement time, stress-strain load (2) point extension diagram, which will cause irreparable damage to human body. To solve the problem of air quality in the car, Siemens home appliances has launched its latest air quality inspection product - cirrus air detector. The formaldehyde in the car has obvious pungent smell, which can lead to throat burning pain, dyspnea and other symptoms for the personnel in the car

three independent sensors are built in the cirrus air detector, which can simultaneously detect formaldehyde, PM2.5 and temperature and humidity, and accurately measure the indoor air. In addition, this detector can also provide reasonable suggestions for air improvement according to data changes. Considering the convenience of carrying, cirrus air detector creatively adopts a separate design, which can automatically record the air detection data in the past 24 hours, 7 days and 1 month. It is a real portable real-time detection instrument

3. Fluorescent probe

the Hong Kong Polytechnic University announced that it had developed a new type of fluorescent probe. This kind of probe can detect the content of carcinogen formaldehyde in food in a short time, and the test cost is 90% less than that of traditional detection methods

in the detection process, if the food contains formaldehyde, the fluorescent probe will display in blue. The higher the intensity of fluorescence, the better the heat resistance, electrical insulation, weather resistance and chemical properties, which means that the more formaldehyde content. The accuracy of the fluorescent probe is as high as%, according to relevant people, the traditional test method generally costs HK $400000 to HK $500000, while the fluorescent probe based on solution and test tube generally only needs HK $30 to complete the test of formaldehyde content in food

the formaldehyde detection market in China has just started, but the market demand is rising. With the frequent occurrence of formaldehyde exceeding the standard, people pay more and more attention to formaldehyde detection, which also promotes the development of formaldehyde detector. In fact, in order to effectively avoid the impact of formaldehyde pollution, the most fundamental thing is to choose a company with quality assurance in the process of decoration and furniture purchase, or choose a regular testing organization or detector when formaldehyde exceeds the standard

in order to achieve a good situation of seeking progress while maintaining stability, we need to effectively improve market supervision, ban informal formaldehyde detection institutions, and vigorously crack down on formaldehyde detectors that do not meet industry standards. For enterprises, we should actively expand the talent team, introduce and learn advanced technologies at home and abroad, and produce high-quality instruments and equipment that can truly protect customers' interests and meet customers' needs

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