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Mitsubishi launched the MF chip breaking groove of precision turning blade for multi-function machining

the Gy series of "turning tool for groove machining" developed by Mitsubishi Integrated Materials Co., Ltd. and manufactured to provide customers with an ideal solution, and newly launched the MF chip breaking groove of precision turning blade for multi-function machining. The completion date of DSM composite resin research and development and technical service center on China's sales date: January 1st, 2014

gy series adopted the original three-sided locking mechanism (1) with the conclusion technology, which greatly improved the weakness of the poor rigidity of the modular tool (2). As a grooving tool that can be processed efficiently, it was highly praised

in response to the needs of users for high-precision operation of turning tools for slot processing, the company hereby introduces this multi-functional precision blade for processing. The white pollution is mainly caused by this kind of waste plastics. The main features of the Gy series precision blade MF chip breaking groove for multi-functional processing of the "turning tool for groove processing" Gy series are as follows:

1 Commercialize the groove width of 2mm-6.35mm. The blade width applicable to the C-shaped circlip is standardized

2. Compared with the tolerance (± 0.03- ± 0.04) of the edge width of the microcomputer interface piece selected by the M-level cutter, the tolerance of the edge width of the MF chip breaking groove of the precision blade of the peripheral Abrasives reaches a high precision of ± 0.02

3. The MF chip breaking groove of the precision blade has good cutting sectionality of the chip breaking groove of the die

4. It can be loaded with die chip breaking groove for outer diameter/end face/inner diameter and module tool handle for inner diameter. A kind of blade for outer diameter machining, end face machining and inner diameter machining is realized

5. Standardization of cermet "nx2525", PVD coated cemented carbide materials "vp10rt" and "vp20rt", and cemented carbide material "rt9010"

(1) three side locking mechanism: an original conclusion method of Mitsubishi comprehensive materials to fix the module blade and module handle from the three directions of "horizontal", "front" and "upper"

(2) modular tool: a part of the tool body can be replaced. In case of damage, only the damaged parts can be replaced, which is more convenient and economical than the whole tool

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