The hottest MJ sliding step God restores Yuanchuan

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MJ slides back to the original, Yuanchuan property service robot Xiaoyuan is cool and released

Xiaoyuan is coming ~ please! Open! Eyes

the large screen opens slowly and Xiaoyuan is cool

grab it, take photos, and the circle of friends turns ~

what! MJ? Slide?? God restore

yes, the mysterious person is ta

Yuanchuan property service robot, Xiaoyuan, kukudi has released ~

how powerful is Xiaoyuan? The functional highlights are as shown in the figure

Xiaoyuan is not fighting alone. There are many Xiaoyuan workers distributed in different parks. 2. Choose the right detergent to provide data analysis for property managers, help them make decisions, and upgrade the wisdom of the park

in addition, on the big day of the official release, Xiaoyuan did not forget to bring with him two little friends, the mascots Xiaozhi and Xiaohui, whose cute range expanded from Europe and the United States to Asia and Africa. Three cute objects were released, which received countless applause and attracted guests to take group photos

group photo of Xiaoyuan, Xiaozhi, Xiaohui and on-site guests; In the era of intelligence, the mission must be achieved. Smart service, it's an honor to have you. Let's jointly feel the infinite possibilities brought by artificial intelligence

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