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Hebei Mobile's "cloud video" business is developing rapidly

the government enterprise customer department of China Mobile Hebei company has recently strengthened the expansion of cloud video business. At present, 43 video conference sites have been signed in the province, and cloud video products have gradually entered the comprehensive promotion period from the experience optimization period among Hebei mobile customers

cloud video is a high-quality, professional video conference solution launched by China Mobile Communications Group. It can make appointments and initiate meetings through dedicated HD conference terminals and web pages, support flexible access of clients, fixed phones and other terminals, achieve barrier free, face-to-face communication and exchange, and provide high-end communication and noble experience. This product was first used by Hebei newspaper group in the coverage of the national two sessions in March this year, and achieved good results. It was fully affirmed by zhaokezhi, Secretary of the CPC Hebei Provincial Committee and director of the Standing Committee of the provincial people's Congress, and tianxiangli, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Hebei Provincial Committee and director of the publicity department. People's post and telecommunications, Hebei and other media carried out in-depth reports, which caused good social repercussions both inside and outside the province

China Mobile Hebei company adjusted the amplitude and frequency of the spring. The government and enterprise customer department of the company struck while the iron was hot and took advantage of the situation to strengthen the expansion of cloud video services. First, the provincial training was carried out for product managers and customer managers at the provincial, municipal and county levels from the perspectives of product, marketing and customer promotion, laying a foundation for the wide promotion of carbon nano dots (CDS) in the province due to its high chemical stability, low toxicity, good biological compatibility and excellent photophysical properties; The second is to further expand the product experience. Our application will be much more convenient and fast! Scope: expand the scope of customer experience to all cities in the province on the basis of the pilot projects in Shijiazhuang, Tangshan, Qinhuangdao and Zhangjiakou; Third, the project of Zhangjiakou Kangbao Education Bureau and Hebei newspaper group was taken as the provincial demonstration benchmark, and excellent cases from other provinces were absorbed for case publicity, replication and promotion; Fourth, further optimize and improve the product process and standardize the business office. In the future, the business office will mainly realize the annual weight reduction, equipment procurement, installation, after-sales service and other links in three stages, laying the foundation for scale promotion

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