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When decorating, you can't wait to go to the scene every day, but for most people, they face the contradiction of going to work. The decoration of Lu Sheng's house in Guangzhou has reached the stage of mud wood engineering. During this period, he didn't go to the scene for half a month because of work. Fortunately, however, the mud wood project is relatively smooth, and there are few things to worry about. Although the mud wood project took a long time, it was finally successfully completed

house information: 83 ㎡

decoration style: simple and modern

decoration method: half package

community: Guangzhou Laifu garden

decoration progress: mud wood project

decoration duration: 35 days

construction finally started on May 10, 2014

thank goodness, it doesn't rain anymore, and the masonry workers entered the site. The plasterer was repairing the wall of the toilet, and was ready to make waterproof. The electrician team also came to repair the trunking. The Mason measured all the dimensions of the threshold stone of the house, and also measured the water retaining stone of the bathroom for me, so that I could set the threshold stone and make aluminum alloy doors and windows at the same time

on May 11, 2014, Master Wang, who was moved, continued construction on the construction site. The plasterer is mending. There are too many holes to fill in the house. In the afternoon, my doorsill stone arrived, and the store delivered it downstairs. Master Wang, a plasterer, asked me if I wanted to help move it. I was moved! It was raining at that time. He braved the rain to help me move the threshold stone

speed up the progress on May 12, 2014

a muddy water master was working on it for two days at the weekend. Today, there are two people working on it, and the progress is much faster. The waterproof of the toilet is finished when we get off work today, and the water storage test will start tomorrow; The kitchen wall and balcony wall have been waterproof painted; All the drainage pipes in the house have been connected; It's time to lay tiles. The master bedroom floor tiles are almost ready

master muddy water said that my house is an old house and does not have its own secondary drainage pipe, so he used an electric drill to drill a small hole next to the main drainage pipe where the drainage pipe enters. When leveling the slope, it is the lowest there, so that the water naturally flows into the main drainage pipe, which is regarded as secondary drainage

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