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Qianbian ark King Jianou wardrobe & nbsp; Thick and steady precipitation

Preface: simplicity, atmosphere, composure, a kind of fashion different from modern simplicity, and also different from the noble pursuit of classical luxury. Today's wardrobe show brings you a thousand change wardrobe King Jianou series, which is different from ordinary European style wardrobe, but also different from modern style. It is concise but atmospheric, and is a wardrobe more suitable for Post-70s and post-80s people& gt;& gt;& gt; Guide:

I. overall style and appearance

II. Plate

III. layout: storage function design

IV. accessories

v. after sales warranty

vi. product overview >& gt;& gt; Product Name: qianbian cabinet King Jianou cloakroom

round.1: overall style appearance

this natural cherry color cloakroom adopts Beige open design throughout. Without door partition, the cabinet appears transparent and spacious. Compared with the sliding door wardrobe or the hidden door wardrobe, this open design has a broader vision, allowing the whole space to be opened, but it also has the disadvantages of poor tightness and easy to be contaminated with dust. If consumers choose this open cloakroom, Xiaobian suggests that you add an additional sliding door to the entire cloakroom to block the entry of dust, and it is best to layout in a space far away from the balcony and other dusty spaces. This cloakroom gives people the first impression of simplicity. In addition to the hanging area, stacking area and drawers, there is no redundant configuration, giving people a sense of competence. The "indomitable" Roman column not only echoes the theme of the simple European style, but also gives people a sense of thick and steady. In the details, the antique European style handle is used, which adds a lot of feminine softness to this wardrobe. Xiaobian believes that this is a wardrobe suitable for both men and women, and its temperament just matches the success of the Post-70s and post-80s generation, lining Sogou, so Xiaobian recommends this wardrobe to the Post-70s and post-80s xiaokangzhijia to buy. Round.2: plate

material: in terms of material, the qianbian ark King wardrobe adopts 18mm medium density fiberboard, and the plate surface has the steel seal mark of qianbian ark King trademark. A good plate can have a good load-bearing and anti deformation effect. According to the salesperson, they wipe the cabinet with wet towels every day, and the cabinet has not changed at all. It can be seen that the moisture resistance of the wardrobe board is still good. The materials of the simple European lines are a large number of polymer materials, which are different from the MDF or solid wood lines commonly seen in the market. They are completely formaldehyde free, more environmentally friendly and more durable

edge banding, the stitching of edge banding and plate is very close, without cracking and inequality, and the hand feel is smooth without roughness

[warm prompt]: poor edge banding equipment or manual edge banding, the combination of edge banding strip and plate surface is not tight enough, easy to fall off, edge explosion, glue exposure, so that the cabinet plate is prone to moisture, expansion and deformation, affecting the service life of the cabinet, seriously leading to mildew or formaldehyde release of the cabinet, affecting human health

environmental protection: the plate meets the national E1 standard, which is safe and assured

>& gt;& gt; Simple detection of formaldehyde exceeding the standard: if you open the cabinet door or drawer, there will be a pungent smell immediately, and even make people cry and dizzy, indicating that the formaldehyde content exceeds the standard. Round.3: layout

the layout of this wardrobe is very simple, consisting of a clothes hanging area, a stacking area and drawers

the height of the clothes hanging area is relatively reasonable, and women of ordinary height can easily take clothes

the stacking area adopts a laminated design, and the height of the movable laminated particles can be adjusted at will, which is convenient for storing clothes of different sizes. A plastic sleeve is also added to the movable laminate to prevent the plate from sliding and wearing. It is also convenient to take and place the laminated particles, which can be operated by one person. The stacking area has a partition with lattice design, which uses 9mm plates, which are generally used to stack items with small weight such as shirts. The price of 9mm plates is lower than that of 18mm plates used in the cabinet. Such a small design can reduce the consumption cost for consumers. But the details seem to be slightly flawed. One panel of the lattice frame has been highlighted. After inquiry, it turns out that the lattice frame here is also active. If you don't need the lattice frame sometimes, you can pull it out by yourself. When you need it, you can DIY it. A little adjustment in place can avoid the above phenomenon. This kind of wardrobe is equipped with more drawers, but there are no other accessories such as pull baskets and storage boxes that other brands of wardrobe usually equipped with. The clerk explained that the reason for this design is to consider the overall aesthetics first, because the basket has a strong metal feeling, and it will be relatively abrupt when placed in this group of cabinets, which will affect the overall style; At the same time, economic factors are also taken into account, because the cost of pulling baskets is expensive, one of which costs hundreds, and the function is similar to that of drawers. However, due to the high humidity of the air in the south, it is generally not recommended to use pulling baskets, so drawers can be used instead. Xiaobian believes that what customized furniture wants is personalized customization. Consumers should choose accessories according to their actual needs, consume rationally, and consider their economic affordability while considering appearance. What suits them is the best

>& gt;& gt; Tips: buying an overall wardrobe is different from the finished wardrobe. First, the designer will have a close contact and communication with the user to understand the user's hobbies, needs and home style, and then come to the door to measure and design a reasonable overall wardrobe. Then the designer will provide computer renderings. After the user is satisfied, they will be made by the manufacturer's assembly line according to the drawings, and finally installed by the workers

round.4: accessories

qianbian ark King's wardrobes all use qianbian ark King's special hardware accessories, giving consumers brand confidence

clothes hanging rod: the aluminum alloy clothes hanging rod ensures its bearing capacity, and the anti-skid design makes it difficult for clothes to slip

handle: the bronze imitation European handle adds a lot of feminine softness to this wardrobe

push-pull mirror: it is very necessary to equip the cloakroom with an interview mirror; The fitting mirror adopts a push-pull design, which is closed in the wardrobe when not in use and does not occupy space; You can pull it out when you use it, which is very convenient. The aluminum titanium alloy frame of this dressing mirror adopts a curve design, which is different from the common dressing mirror, but echoes the whole cabinet, and pays good attention to the supporting details

lattice frame: the lattice frame can be used to store small items such as scarves and socks

trousers rack: the trousers rack has a special anti-skid design, which makes it difficult for the hanging trousers to slide down. This detail design, which was patented as early as 2006, reflects the humanized and professional design





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