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Baidibao board is well aware of consumers' desire for a green home, launched healthy home decoration building materials, and moved the forest into the home

everyone has a green home dream, how to realize it

protect forest resources and keep the lung of the earth green

plan urban greening and create urban green parks

baidibao Board understands consumers' desire for a green home,

launched healthy home decoration building materials and moved the forest into the home

the pursuit of environmental protection and the desire to return to a healthy, green and original living state are now the home dream of urban people. Health, environmental protection and original ecology have become people's persistent pursuit of the home environment. The development of science and technology has brought a variety of green products, and people can't wait to rush

as the saying goes, there is a market when there is demand. This huge market demand is the driving force for environmental protection plate enterprises to persevere

baidibao board took the lead in developing a paint free ecological board with zero aldehyde addition. With the continuous upgrading of technology, it also launched a negative ion 360 ° formaldehyde purification board, which can not only eliminate formaldehyde, but also release negative ions and purify the air, which really solves a major concern of consumers

try jade to burn three days, and distinguish materials must wait for seven years. An excellent product must stand the test of time

baidibao health plate adheres to the product concept of health and environmental protection. Negative ion 360 ° formaldehyde purification plate has "housekeeping skills" such as purifying the air, eliminating indoor odors and various harmful gases. In addition, releasing negative ions helps to activate the human nervous system, improve the respiratory system, promote metabolism and blood circulation, enhance immunity and other health effects

when health and environmental protection become the main theme, green home is no longer a dream

you also feel like walking in the forest without leaving home. Baidibao healthy home plate makes it no longer luxurious.

baidibao negative ion 360 ° net aldehyde plate realizes your dream of a green home


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