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When buying a new house, the first thing to face is decoration design, and in this process, some common problems often occur in decoration will be committed. For example, many people like to follow the trend, and when they see others pursuing luxury, they also blindly pursue it, regardless of whether their actual situation is consistent with it. Let's take a look at some common problems of decoration: first, I don't know where to start. The owner knows nothing about interior decoration design and doesn't know how to choose the theme style of interior decoration. After being recommended by friends, I began to carry out the interior decoration design. When I encountered problems in the decoration design process, I couldn't deal with them in time, and there was a lack of communication with the decoration design team, which eventually led to the decoration effect that I didn't want at all. 2、 Greedy for small and cheap. Some owners excessively choose low qualified and cheap decoration teams and furniture products for the purpose of saving decoration costs in the process of decoration. Furniture such as coatings, wardrobes, cabinets and so on should choose environmentally friendly and guaranteed brands. Every penny counts. Decoration materials directly affect the quality of decoration, and even the safety of owners. 3、 Regardless of the overall situation, after the owners get the key, don't rush to decorate. First consult the designer according to the room type, and determine the decoration style in combination with their own personality, including the details of the decorative materials used, the purchase and placement of furniture, etc. Then determine the budget in combination with the decoration style and economic capacity, and try to control the budget during the construction process. 4、 It is necessary to copy mechanically and apply appropriate references, but we cannot blindly imitate. A good decorative effect is reflected in the use of materials, color matching, decorations, and personality. The owner should tell the designer his needs before construction, and reach a consensus with the designer to truly decorate a home suitable for him. 5、 It is easy for young people to go into a misunderstanding when decorating their new house in one step. They always want to do it in one step. The big sofa in the living room faces a big background wall or TV cabinet, and they can't make changes and adjustments for a long time. The decoration of new houses must be left blank, and enough space must be reserved to adapt to future changes. Finishing all the decoration at one time will cause a lot of waste, and will also make the owner don't know how to design when re planning the house. 6、 Blind comparison many people like to follow the trend when decorating their houses. When they see others pursuing luxury, they also blindly pursue it, regardless of their actual situation. As a result, the decoration of a house costs hundreds of thousands of yuan. In fact, excessive consumption is a very immature consumption psychology of prospective owners. The above is just a common problem. For the owners, it is important to avoid it. It is very simple. The decoration should pay attention to practicality, functionality and aesthetics, not only tend to one aspect, but also choose reliable companies and furniture brands in decoration and furniture





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