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Yuchai group sends first-line technical workers to "learn from the west"

Yuchai group sends first-line technical workers to "learn from the west"

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Guide: Yuchai should make all industrial workers with skills live a wonderful life. On November 29, skill masters Chen Jinyuan, Chi zhaojiu, Yang Wanye and others practiced this hope of Yan Ping, chairman of the board of directors of Yuchai group, and interpreted it to more than 800 technicians, assistant engineers and engineers from various units of Yuchai group

"Yuchai should make all industrial workers with skills live a wonderful life". On November 29, skill masters Chen Jinyuan, Chi zhaojiu, Yang Wanye and others practiced this hope of Yan Ping, chairman of the board of directors of Yuchai group, and performed their brilliance to more than 800 technicians, assistant engineers and engineers from various units of Yuchai group: at the "2013 report meeting on study abroad of skill masters", they discussed casting technology, mold technology, mold free rapid manufacturing technology, mold management, machine tool equipment technology The new technology information of diesel engine and other contents show the results of his overseas investigation and share his thinking experience

Yuchai is located in Guangxi, but its vision is global. It is a routine to send technical and management backbones to the world's most advanced enterprises for investigation. This year, skill masters have been added to this team to broaden their horizons and expand their horizons. In October, 12 skill masters went to Germany, Italy and other European countries with developed machinery industry in two batches

"first, shock, second, admit the gap, and third, rise up and catch up." As a member of the first batch of investigation team, when speaking at the briefing, Chen Jinyuan, President of the technician Association and chief skill master, shared his experience: "first-class products are made by first-class talents. To catch up with the world's advanced level, it takes several generations of efforts, measures, benchmarking and breakthroughs."

the new words "Smurfs"

Yuchai factory clothes are blue. These Yuchai people called "Smurfs" are all over the streets of Yulin. From time to time, in the street stalls, "lean manufacturing", "TPM" and other nouns will pop out of their mouths. Seeing this phenomenon, a media person who has a good understanding of Yuchai analyzed that this is the performance of Yuchai's continuous learning from excellent enterprises at home and abroad and continuous practice and application of new learning achievements

"ask frequently, think more, find out the gap, take the initiative to learn foreign advanced manufacturing technology, and apply the learned technology to practical work after coming back, so as to improve the technical level of Yuchai." Liangping, chairman of the trade union of Yuchai group, and the skill masters thought of going together. Before departure, these technicians who represent mold, internal combustion engine, casting and equipment not only study the main methods of wear mechanism, but also repair, machining and other parts have done their homework. "With the development of the company, the manufacturing equipment is more and more advanced, but we don't fully understand the whole manufacturing process of the equipment. This overseas inspection must learn some cutting-edge equipment manufacturing technology to provide technical support for Yuchai's future equipment upgrading." The viewpoint of skill master Liu Xianli is quite representative

talent internationalization, management and international integration... Yuchai has been running on the road to achieve the goal of internationalization, step by step. Ning xingyong, the Secretary of the Party committee of Yuchai Co., Ltd., hopes that the technician teams can share the knowledge learned, continue to practice in production and operation, create more world-class achievements, and truly realize the international integration of products, processes, materials, culture, staff quality and other aspects

skill masters also have a deep understanding of this overseas investigation. Chen Jinyuan said, "learn from foreign advanced technologies and skills, take Europe as the benchmark, find out our gap, make the level of technicians keep pace with the world, and finally take the backbone as the leader to mobilize engineering technology and skills, make Yuchai's brand better, and promote the company's transformation from a large manufacturing enterprise to a strong manufacturing enterprise."

in foreign companies,

for more than 10 days, travel more than 5000 kilometers, and visit 6-7 enterprises. In Europe, skill masters walk in enterprises, observing and thinking all the time. China is a big manufacturing country, but it is far from a strong manufacturing country. They understand this truth, always compare, and look for gaps everywhere. The so-called layman watching the excitement, the layman watching the doorway, a comparison, there are many discoveries

in a famous professional mold manufacturer in Germany, Chen Jinyuan found that others implemented a set of standard mold inspection process, "we should learn from foreign verification methods, solve problems before physical verification, carry out standardized pre acceptance evaluation procedures, and reduce the number of physical verification." At the production site, skill masters also found many details that can be used for reference. For example, setting a simple "mold physical change logo" will make the problem of "easy to change the wrong position" no longer happen. "Details are the devil, which determines success or failure. Please check whether there is water leakage and blockage in these easy places regularly, and we must promote them." Chen Jinyuan said

in a company whose customers are Mercedes Benz and BMW, Chen Jinyuan also found that the equipment of others' foundry is far inferior to that of Yuchai, but with top casting technology, the castings made are better. Such as innovating the "jet" principle, using high-tech to produce ultra-thin molding sand cores, which can withstand 1400 ℃ molten iron burning without damage and sintering. "This is the difference between famous brands and ordinary products." Chen Jinyuan said

during the visit, Qin Maohua also found that people use flame heating method to correct the stress bending deformation of long parts during welding, and the key point is that it requires experienced workers to operate. The advantage after mastering is to greatly reduce the machining allowance of blanks and save material costs

skill master Yang Wanye was impressed that when visiting a famous factory, he saw the assembly process of dmu/cduoblock series gantry 5-axis linkage machining center. This almost universal machining center can be used for vertical and horizontal conversion processing, and one clamping can process multiple surfaces of the box. The unique b-axis structure has great cutting torque, which is very suitable for V-shaped body processing and mold processing of complex curved surfaces. When visiting another famous factory, I was very "greedy" when I saw the patented tool magazine and tool change method: "the overall replacement method of the tool magazine can work simultaneously in the process of equipment processing, which is very suitable for trial production and rapid line change production." Yuchai has a rich product line, and Yang Wanye's implication is particularly clear

"green manufacturing" has been the consciousness of Yuchai people. Liang Yibin found that people promote low-carbon and green manufacturing, that is, reduce power to save energy consumption. He cited several examples: "the ntx1000 machine tool adopts LED lighting, which can reduce power consumption while realizing high-efficiency operation. The lighting in the machine has the function of automatic opening and closing, so as to save power and increase the service life of the lighting in the machine tool; some companies adopt oil mist separation devices and oil mist recyclers in the production process."

step by step to keep up with the benchmarking enterprises

eye opening skill masters, learning from many available skills, also found that the gap is not small. Chi Zhao believes that there is still a big gap between the mold making level and the most advanced ones in Europe. But they were not discouraged, and they all looked for the way to catch up

some things can be used if they are used. After investigating nakaki, it was found that there was a mold company that used the same shape mold bottom frame as Yuchai casting center, but it made a small square hole at the right angle root, "the role of the small square hole is to reduce stress, and our mold design can learn from this practice." He said

during the inspection, Yang Diqiang found that European companies are equipped with electric constant torque wrenches, and the control of torque is completed by equipment, "so as to reduce human errors. Yuchai should increase investment and equip perfect production tools, such as increasing the allocation of electric constant torque wrenches."

when inspecting an engine research and development company, Chen tangbiao found that the technology and concept of this company are at the forefront of the world. In this regard, he suggested that technical experts of Yuchai Engineering Research Institute should strengthen exchanges and cooperation with them, and inject new cutting-edge ideas into the improvement of new technologies in Yuchai engine high torque and low speed technology, crankshaft drive technology and supercharging

in combination with the existing equipment and technology of Yuchai, the experimental method does not require high technical ability for measurement operation. Chi Zhao also proposed that the primary task at present is to adjust and tackle the use of programming software, the selection of cutting tools, and the selection of parameters, improve the processing ability and quality of the mold, make the NC processing as close as possible to the requirements of the mold non polishing technology, and free the mold fitter from the heavy mold polishing, Do other more valuable work

for the future, his suggestion is to gradually add high-speed CNC machining equipment, large EDM, gantry surface grinder, and cultivate a large number of stable mold manufacturing personnel, so that Yuchai's mold manufacturing can reach the international level

Chen Jinyuan put forward specific research goals: take the "special high-end technology project" as a breakthrough, carry out research on casting high-quality products, so as to promote technological upgrading and reduce costs, and finally cast high-quality body and cylinder head blanks with German level

"visiting and studying abroad is only a part of our going out study. I have found the direction of technology improvement in the future, but more importantly, how to pass what I have seen and learned within the technician team, so that more technicians can understand these advanced manufacturing technologies that we deeply feel." Chen tangbiao suggested that the company establish a training, teaching and exchange platform, and transform knowledge into productivity as soon as possible through lectures, interviews and on-site technical exchanges, so as to prepare for Yuchai equipment manufacturing and upgrading if it wants to stabilize its market share

"the important factor that determines the brand is people." Chen Jinyuan said, "only by cultivating a team like Mercedes Benz can we create a brand engine as famous as Mercedes Benz."

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