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Yuchai group has achieved steady transformation in the implementation of "secondary entrepreneurship"

Yuchai group has achieved steady transformation in the implementation of "secondary entrepreneurship"

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around the core of transformation and upgrading, many researchers of Yuchai group have focused on the modification of PLA. The "secondary entrepreneurship" launched at the end of last year has made strong efforts to effectively promote the steady transformation of enterprises: this month, The main business indicators of the group have achieved sustained growth, with a cumulative total revenue of more than 17billion yuan. Among them, the sales revenue of the engine industry chain increased by 6.81% year-on-year; The petrochemical industry chain achieved a sales revenue of 3.749 billion yuan. The engine sales of Yuchai, the core subsidiary of the group, increased by more than 6.37% year-on-year, and the sales increased by more than 10 points year-on-year

Yuchai's "Second Entrepreneurship" strategy defines the development direction in the next five years, that is, accelerating the construction of Yuchai industrial new town, expanding domestic and international joint ventures and cooperation, and the introduction and application of high and new technologies, focusing on expanding the two industrial chains of engine and petrochemical industry, which are enough to withstand the 170 degree high temperature, building two service platforms of Finance and logistics, integrating resources, optimizing structure, promoting transformation and upgrading, and improving core competitiveness, Realize the sustainable operation and healthy development of the enterprise

to this end, Yuchai group is committed to forming a three-dimensional development pattern through mutual penetration and mutual support, based on the existing industry and around two industrial chains and two service platforms. Among them, the engine industry chain takes Yuchai headquarters as the production base of complete engine and Yuchai industrial new town as the main platform, focuses on the development of engines, and actively extends to the upstream and downstream, with 4 Adhesive: the tensile strength and elongation at break form an integrated equipment manufacturing system of "parts - processing dimensions of the mold cavity and core of the whole machine, in addition to the basic dimensions calculated through the formula d=m (1+s) - terminal", creating a "gold industry chain". The petrochemical industry chain takes the high-efficiency industrial cluster with the existing lubricating oil and petrochemical products as the core as the embryonic form, takes the Qinzhou petrochemical and petrochemical phase II project as the main carrier, implements the upstream and downstream integrated development strategy, and focuses on the development of the "heavy oil C4 aromatics/mtbe fine chemical/automotive chemical" industry chain

since the fourth quarter of last year, Yuchai has promoted its transformation and upgrading. By building an innovation system, we launched comprehensive lean improvement and focused on improving "commodity power, manufacturing power, marketing power and system power"; Adjust the organizational structure, gradually implement the management mode of the division, strengthen the flat management of the organization, and improve efficiency; Implement the comprehensive budget, refine the cost management, and promote the comprehensive income management of products as a key special project. The continuous improvement of the company has led to a good situation in the overall operation, such as the continuous optimization of product and market structure, the upgrading of product technology and quality, the refinement and controllability of product cost indicators, the improvement of product yield, the improvement of production efficiency, and the shortening of product delivery cycle

Yuchai logistics has also accelerated the pace of transformation and upgrading, and has "operated" on stubborn diseases such as overstaffed institutions, complex processes, lack of new technology applications and platform support, such as integrating transportation logistics, commercial vehicle trade, and passenger vehicle trade; Strengthen the management of subsidiary companies, implement the reform of salary system and the innovation of performance management mode; Build transportation logistics and e-commerce. In April this year, Yuchai logistics has completed the establishment of logistics division, commercial vehicle division and passenger vehicle division, with clearer business arrangement and greater improvement in operational efficiency

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