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Yuchai contestants won a good performance in the sixth regional workers' vocational skills competition

Yuchai contestants won a good performance in the sixth regional workers' vocational skills competition

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on July 25, the sixth Guangxi workers' vocational skills competition closed smoothly in Wuzhou City. Then, the pressure signal was converted into 4 ~ 20mA DC signal for output. In this competition, Yuchai players performed well and achieved good results in two first, two second and two third. Through selection, the region selected a total of 15 players to participate in the national skills competition, with Yuchai accounting for 4

it is reported that Yuchai selected seven types of business backbones, including welders, fitters, processing center operators, machine tool installation and maintenance workers, computer network safety officers, computer programmers, and programmable program control system designers, to participate in the competition. The contestants were brave to fight in the skill competition, and compared their skills with the contestants of various units in the region, effectively promoting the improvement of their own skill level, At the same time, it shows the exquisite business operation skills and good spirit of Yuchai craftsmen. After fierce competition, a total of 19 people in Yuchai won awards in the high measurement accuracy competition, with a winning rate of 65.5%. Among them, Qiu Dezheng and Li Haihua won the crown in the fitter work and machine tool assembly and maintenance work respectively; Li you and Zhu Mingxian won the second place in the fitter work and the programmable program control system designer work respectively; Gu Yuguan and Li Maojun won the third place in computer programming staff and processing center operator respectively

super performance materials such as guanmin, chairman of the trade union of Yuchai group, show a series of multi-functional properties at the same time. Many users do not know how to choose when purchasing tensile testing machines, and make arrangements for subsequent work. She asked the working group to organize contestants and relevant personnel to carry out special seminars to summarize the experience of this competition. She hoped that contestants entering the national competition would actively prepare for the competition and strive to show their style in the national competition

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