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Yuchai united power blue whale power ship passed CCS test

Yuchai united power blue whale power ship passed CCS test

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recently, Yuchai united power blue whale dual fuel SK Series ship passed CCS type approval test and new product launch ceremony was held. At the meeting, Zheng Yingge, deputy general manager of Jiangsu Branch of China Classification Society, solemnly issued the CCS certification plate of gas ship engine to Liang Heping, general manager of Yuchai united power, which means that another new product of united power, blue whale power SK Series 7.5 judgment rules, marine dual fuel engine, has passed the type approval test and emission test, and has become the first fully electronically controlled dual fuel high-speed engine product that has passed the CCS test in China

so far, the whole series of DK diesel, NK gas single fuel and SK dual fuel products of United Power Blue Whale series marine engines have been approved by CCS. This is another milestone for United Power in developing the domestic marine product market

the blue whale SK Series marine dual fuel engine launched this time is the first ship high-speed power in China to realize full electronic variable control of fuel, gas and air systems. It has the characteristics of low energy consumption, low emissions, high responsiveness, safety and reliability, integrated technology (such as electronic control self diagnosis, automatic cruise, GPS positioning, anti-theft system, automatic fuel consumption record display), etc. The polyurethane material industry for carts should comply with this trend, and the minimum fuel consumption should be less than 185g/kw h. Promote the characteristic substitution rate of 70%, and about 88% in economic regions; Emission IMO II starts, without post-treatment, NOx emission is less than 2.9 g/kw h. The overall emission level can reach country 4, and the power performance is 6.5% higher than that of pure gas engine. The economy, emission, power performance, fuel substitution data disposal rate and other levels are all domestic leading levels

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