The hottest Yuchai engine is booming in the overse

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Yuchai engine is booming in the overseas market

Yuchai engine is booming in the overseas market

China Construction machinery information

in mid April, Yuchai Co., Ltd. was pleased to receive orders for 250 yc6mk heavy-duty engines exported to Vietnam

in late April, Yuchai won orders for 380 YC4E engines similar to mechanical universal testing machines exported to South America

in early May, Yuchai welcomed an order for 700 School Bus Engines exported to Saudi Arabia

in the first five months, the export volume of Yuchai ship electricity to Vietnam market increased by 50% year-on-year. In addition, more than 30 large ship electrical products have entered the Middle East market


in the first half of this year, the total overseas market entry of Yuchai engine increased by 36%, and the annual sales target was achieved ahead of schedule

automotive engine: enter Vietnam and Saudi Arabia markets on a large scale

the Southeast Asian market is the bridgehead of Yuchai's "going global". In the Southeast Asian market, the Vietnamese market has always occupied the "big brother" position of Yuchai's export products, and the Vietnamese market performance this year is even more gratifying. From January to May this year, the number of Yuchai engines in Vietnam has exceeded 10000, an increase of 136% compared with the same period in 2014. Among them, yc6l and YC4E series of truck power account for more than 4000 units, which are mainly exported in the form of supporting equipment

liaojunfeng, head of the overseas market section of Yuchai overseas business department, said: "apart from the policy oriented role of the Vietnamese market, strong after-sales service is an important reason for our products to occupy a large share of the Vietnamese market."

Yuchai has always taken good product services as the core work to enter the overseas market. Tang Haidong, director of Yuchai Vietnam office, has always stressed the importance of "service first". He put forward an iron requirement to the office staff: "when the sky falls, we must first solve the problem."

although the overseas service network is not as sound as that in China, and the spare parts reserve is not so abundant, Yuchai's overseas service quality has been greatly appreciated by customers, whether in neighboring Vietnam or distant Saudi Arabia

"I don't remember how many times I drove out late at night and served customers on roads where I didn't know the road signs. Sometimes it was just to send a small but urgently needed accessory. Many times, our office staff went out that afternoon and came back at dawn the next day." Rao Guoneng, director of Yuchai Saudi office, recalled

Saudi Arabia is an important market for Yuchai in the Middle East. Yuchai's bus power is widely recognized locally, and long-distance buses, buses, school buses, etc. are mainly equipped with Yuchai power. At present, Yuchai engine plays a leading role in the top four passenger transport companies in Saudi Arabia. In the first half of this year, Yuchai also achieved good results in the Saudi market, with 2200 engines, and its market share increased by 10 percentage points on the basis of 2014

"in addition to the guarantee of our service quality, the early implementation of the school bus project is also one of the reasons for the increase in the number of Yuchai engines this year." Rao Guoneng said, "at the same time, the attention of the company's leaders, the implementation of the special requirements of the service and technical quality departments for special customers in Saudi Arabia, as well as the strong cooperation support between Yuchai and domestic bus manufacturers, all add weight to our victory over our competitors in the Saudi market."

facing the absolute advantages and gratifying achievements of Yuchai products in Vietnam, Saudi Arabia and other countries, Liao Junfeng was happy but also worried: "the sales volume and entry volume exported to Vietnam and other regions account for a large part of Yuchai's overseas market, reflecting the imbalance of our overseas market structure." Therefore, on the basis of consolidating the original advantageous market, it is particularly important to explore and develop other overseas markets. "We are also looking for opportunities in other markets. For example, we have gradually opened this market by starting with the opportunity of switching gas engines in Russia. At present, the research and development of gas engine technology are proceeding in an orderly manner."

marine engines: consolidate Southeast Asia, expand Europe and Africa

at the beginning of this year, Yuchai marine power division put forward the strategic policy of "fighting for terminals, winning decisive battles; breaking through overseas, professional services", and vigorously consolidated the Southeast Asian market, explored Europe, and entered Africa. Under the guidance of this strategic policy, 22.35.1 (1) was added from January to May this year compared with the previous year. In January, the sales volume and sales volume of Yuchai ship electric power products in the overseas market increased significantly compared with the same period last year. Among them, the sales volume increased by nearly 30% and the sales volume increased by more than 60%

with the technical cooperation between YC6T, yc6td, yc6c, yc6c and their counterparts in the United States, Russia and other advanced countries, new high-power products such as l have been continuously put into the market, meeting the market demand of our customers for the high-power section. These products have quickly won the recognition of the market by virtue of their high reliability, low fuel consumption, sufficient power and many other advantages. This can be verified by the structural changes of Yuchai's export products. In the first half of the year, among the ship machinery products exported by Yuchai, large ship power accounted for more than 70%. Compared with the same period last year, the export sales volume of large ship power increased by 127%

the growth of overseas large ship electricity sales is mainly brought by new markets. Excluding the exchange rate and local environmental factors, driven by the objective factors of economic development, the overseas market prospect of Yuchai large ship power Co., Ltd. is expected in the future

in addition, good product reputation is also an important factor driving the continuous strengthening of Yuchai large ship power market. In November 2014, Vietnam tntc Power Co., Ltd. selected two yc6cs as the main engines of a 92 meter long ocean cargo ship. It has been more than half a year since it was used. The customer reported that the Yuchai ship engine had no failure and the fuel consumption was 30% lower than what they expected

ship owners often deal with each other, and the brand of ship machinery is established in the word of mouth among ship owners. When the machine is easy to use, it will pass ten to a hundred. "The promotion of Yuchai's overseas brands, in addition to advertising and holding promotion meetings, mainly depends on the reputation accumulation of ship owners." Zhongxiaojun, head of the overseas business section of Yuchai ship power business department, said

in the first half of the year, Yuchai continued to strengthen its influence and position in the Southeast Asian market. In addition to being popular in Vietnam, the market of large ship electrical products in India, the Philippines and other places also maintained growth. In addition, if the pilot effect of Malaysia's model ship is released, Yuchai will inevitably have a quantitative growth in the regional market in two to three months

in Turkey, known as the Eurasian Continental Bridge, Yuchai has accelerated the pace of Yuchai's large ship electrical products entering Europe through cooperation with a Turkish company. At present, Yuchai has obtained more than 30 orders in this market. It is understood that taking this as a springboard, Yuchai is expected to pry open the door of the European marine power market this year

Vietnam, India, Malaysia, the Philippines, Turkey, etc. there will be more development history of fatigue testing machines in the future, which can be traced back to the early 19th century. After the industrial revolution, with the development of steam locomotives and motor vehicles and the extensive use of mechanical equipment, the destruction of moving parts often occurs. This is a typical phenomenon of metal fatigue, which people did not pay attention to at that time, let alone the point that the concept of fatigue experiment radiated more, These points are connected into one, which is the "battle map" of Yuchai large ship power to the overseas market

large ship electrical products are an important support for Yuchai marine machinery to build an international brand image. Foreign countries are different from domestic ones, and the response speed of after-sales service is not so fast. Therefore, how to ensure the after-sales service and parts supply of products in the new market is very important

under the situation of continuous downturn in the domestic market, enterprises are looking abroad, which is not only the performance of the implementation of the "going out" strategy, but also the way for enterprises to break through difficulties. However, is it possible to find gold when you go out? Yuchai's answer is that brand and service should be grasped at the same time, and both hands should be hard

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