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Yuchai group starts the activity of giving warmth and love before July 1st

Yuchai group starts the activity of giving warmth and love before July 1st by measuring the smoothness of materials

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in order to further demonstrate the party's care and love for Party members in need, poor children and the elderly, send the warmth of the party organization to them in time to help them solve their difficulties, At the same time, it shows the responsibility and responsibility of large enterprises and creates a good atmosphere of care and assistance. On June 11, Zhou Jinliang, head of the Party Committee Work Department of Yuchai group, led a team on behalf of the company's Party committee to Beishi No. 2 junior middle school in Xingye county to visit and comfort the spring bud girl, opening the prelude to the warm-hearted and loving condolences activities before the "July 1" festival

now the high school entrance examination is coming. In order to help students with difficulties who are about to enter the high school entrance examination stage better prepare for the war and solve their worries, the Party committee of the company made a careful and careful deployment this time, and specially selected Luo Qing and Yang Zhi, two spring bud girls who are studying in the third day of junior high school, as the object of care, and timely sent them learning equipment, nutrition, daily necessities and financial aid

at Beishi town No. 2 junior middle school, the condolence group had a chat with Chunlei girls on a porch swing, carefully understood their study and family life, and asked what difficulties and needs they had. The condolence group was very gratified to learn that the two girls had excellent grades in school. While instructing them to take good care of their bodies before the exam, they encouraged them to establish confidence, strengthen their faith, adjust their mentality, face and overcome difficulties bravely, and launch a sprint to Yulin high school and other key high schools

the two girls expressed their joy and gratitude for the care brought by the condolence group. They also said that the feasibility study report on the construction scheme of 1million tons of alumina and supporting self-contained thermal power stations had been completed by relevant professional institutes; According to the established construction plan, we hope to continue to redouble our efforts

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