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Yuchai group held the award ceremony of the first female workers' skill competition

Yuchai group held the award ceremony of the first female workers' skill competition

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on October 17, Yuchai group held the award ceremony of the first female workers' skill competition in front of the cultural center building. Ning xingyong, Guo Deming and Chen Jinyuan presented awards to the first, second and third prize winners respectively, This marks the successful conclusion of the first female worker skills competition of Yuchai group

Ning xingyong presented awards to the players who won the first prize

according to the comprehensive evaluation of the operation performance when replacing seals in case of oil leakage in the theoretical examination and practice, three players including Tan Lihua and Li Xiaoqing from the second engine plant and Wei Shaoying from Yuchai distribution company won the titles of internal combustion engine assembly, crane driver (ground control crane) and Mechanical Inspector respectively, and six players including Yao Huan from the foundry won the second prize, Nine contestants including Jiang Yuan from the quality department won the third prize

Guo Deming spoke at the ceremony

Guo Deming said at the ceremony that the female workers' skill competition is a big stage for our female workers to learn and grow, and also a big platform to show our skills. Although the two-day competition is very short, one minute on stage and ten years off stage. Everyone was very active in this competition and achieved results

at the same time, Guo Deming raised three hopes for the group's female employees: first, he hoped that the contestants would make persistent efforts, achieve better results next year, move forward to a higher-level competition in the region and the country, and strive for the group's female employees; Second, as long as we ensure the final test of equipment parts, we hope that all female workers will actively participate in the activities of improving skills and quality, and give full play to the due role of female workers; Third, it is hoped that the trade union of the group will organize women workers' skill competitions at multiple levels and types of work to comprehensively improve the skills and literacy of women workers

Wei Shaoying of Yuchai Peisi spoke at the ceremony

Wei Shaoying of Yuchai Peisi and other three first prize winners spoke at the ceremony. Wei Shaoying said that I am very grateful to the company for providing me with this opportunity to show myself and exercise my ability. Through this competition, I learned a lot. In the future, I will work harder to do my job well and escort the product quality of the company

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