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Yuchai group's remarkable sales performance in 2009 against the trend

Yuchai group's remarkable sales performance in 2009 against the trend

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Guide: pay tribute to the group's subsidiaries that achieved breakthrough sales performance in 2009. Yan Ping's just past 2009 was compared to the cold winter of the world's important utilization economy in the field of power batteries, and destructive economic adversity continues to emerge all over the world, The domestic market was once frozen in the cold winter. And Yuchai Machinery Group with nearly 2

Yan Ping

the past 2009 has been compared to the cold winter of the global economy. Destructive economic adversity continues to emerge all over the world, and the domestic market once suffered from the freezing winter. Yuchai Machinery Group, with a sales revenue of nearly 27billion yuan and a year-on-year growth rate of 28.45%, broke the shackles of the market, exceeded the annual target, and announced that the plan of Yuchai to break through the crisis in 2009 was also a difficult and comprehensive victory

among them, 9 subsidiaries, including energy and chemical company, power company, Yuchai heavy industry, logistics company, joint-stock company, accessories company, Jinchuang company, Chengxin company and Huayuan company, have achieved a sales revenue growth rate of more than 20%, exceeding their annual targets. This gratifying achievement shows the world the unstoppable development momentum of Yuchai

in particular, in 2009, the four subsidiaries achieved a sales revenue growth rate of more than 40% - the growth rate of energy and chemical companies was 110.41%, and the budget completion rate was 115.86%; The growth rate of power company is 50.12%, and the budget completion rate is 126.86%; The growth rate of Yuchai heavy industry was 42.09%, and the budget completion rate reached 110.53%; The growth rate of logistics companies was 41.07%, and the budget completion rate reached 135.51%. These remarkable achievements have provided acceleration for the advancing Yuchai train. The largest heavyweight member, the joint stock company, although the base of sales growth rate is quite high, it still has a strong and rapid development momentum, hitting a sales revenue growth rate of nearly 30%, which is not only the basis and guarantee for the development of Yuchai, but also maintains its position as the locomotive of the industry

Yuchai, the strength of breaking the ice and rushing to win, is formed by the cohesion of all employees - a production Iron Army that is fighting super hard to constantly surpass the sky standard, a research and development team that is constantly innovating to catch up with and surpass the international technical level, a sales team that updates and replaces the technology of the yingjiakuai plastic granulator that runs all over the country to seize the market promotion brand, a procurement team that pays no regrets to ensure the safety and reliability of the supply chain The quality team that strives for excellence in order to improve product quality... The United Yuchai people, with a unified pace, firm faith, steady style, and love for the enterprise, have promoted the development of Yuchai, and wrote the words "26.96 billion yuan" on the 2009 sales thermosetting molding sheet performance. In 2009, facing the crisis, Yuchai people who strived tenaciously and bravely "knew the crisis and practiced their internal skills" in the spirit of calm and hard work, comprehensively and profoundly integrated the business idea of "internal training, external construction, and energy-saving development" into their work, flexibly applied the scientific concept of development, and gradually turned the blueprint on paper into a reality

the achievements are encouraging, and the development of Yuchai is really gratifying. However, we cannot and dare not be satisfied. The financial crisis has made the rapidly changing market more volatile and unpredictable, and the change of order has intensified the competition in the industry. "Crisis" is still widespread, but opportunities also accompany it. With the experience of recognizing crises, challenging crises, and discovering and grasping opportunities in 2009, we have the ability and must boldly improve and surpass. We must not be satisfied with the past, complacent and stagnant; In this year's annual budget formulation, we should open our hands and feet, plan and formulate this year's annual budget with a broader vision and higher standards, which is required by the development of Yuchai and conforms to the development trend of Yuchai

in 2010, the group will adhere to the business policy of "continuing internal training, maintaining objectives, and building momentum", ensure that the sales revenue reaches 30billion yuan, achieve leapfrog development, and lay a solid foundation for the target of 40billion yuan of sales revenue in 2011

"a hundred feet of progress is needed, and the ten directions of the world is the whole body." We should challenge new starting points with confidence and constantly conquer new peaks with an insatiable attitude

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