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3A environmental protection paint: four problems need to be solved when paint goes to the countryside

3A environmental protection sigma (sigma) has developed a new type of recycled carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic resin based composite paint in its existing sigma RF product series: four problems need to be solved when paint goes to the countryside

April 26, 2010

[China paint information] following the proposal of "home appliances to the countryside, automobiles to the countryside, and agricultural machinery to the countryside" put forward by the central government and the State Council in 2009, "Building materials to the countryside" officially surfaced in 2010. The No. 1 central document clearly stated that "seize the opportunity of the current rapid growth of rural housing construction and the abundant supply of building materials, take supporting farmers' housing construction as a major measure to expand domestic demand, take effective measures to promote building materials to the countryside, and encourage qualified places to support farmers to build their own houses in accordance with this Law and regulations in various forms."

according to the data provided by the China Building Materials Federation, building materials consumption is currently the pillar consumption behavior of rural and farmers, and the "building materials to the countryside" policy will drive domestic consumption by billion. It is preliminarily estimated that the implementation of the "building materials to the countryside" policy will boost consumption by about 1800 billion yuan in three years

however, according to the latest news, relevant departments are still investigating the problems of building materials going to the countryside. Finally, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the Ministry of housing and urban rural development and other relevant departments will jointly formulate a plan, and then report it to the State Council. There is no clear timetable for the introduction of the specific policy of "building materials to the countryside". Nevertheless, enterprises with certain popularity and strength in the major building materials sub industries have done a lot of work around "going to the countryside"

among them, paint, ceramics, doors and windows, sanitary ware enterprises have long begun to plan the development of the third and fourth tier markets, and the channel sinking has increased. The analysis, positioning and tentative development of the rural market are also in full swing. Some paint brands have not only launched cost-effective products specifically for the rural market, but also extended the channel to the township level. Since last year, 3A environmental friendly paint, known as "China's top ten paint brands", has successively held several marketing summits in Hubei, Anhui, Jiangxi, Guangxi and other places, winning hundreds of dealers to actively participate, further accelerating the layout and development of township markets

recently, the relevant person in charge of 3A environmental protection paint said in an interview that it is necessary to solve four major problems for the smooth development of paint in the countryside, including the construction of rural marketing points, cost-effective products for the rural market, coating services and after-sales service points, and the screening of paint brands in the countryside

take the marketing point as an example, the paint brand needs to have distribution points at the township level, and can provide follow-up services. Because the paint is a semi-finished product, it needs to be painted after buying back, and there are certain technical requirements, which requires enterprises to set up after-sales service points in various places, or train and establish local oil carpentry teams

on the other hand, there are many manufacturers in the coating industry. There are thousands of manufacturers across the country, especially in some regions, there are many small and medium-sized brands, which is quite complex to screen. Therefore, it is necessary to establish a relatively standardized standard to screen suitable brands, and meet certain requirements in terms of quality and service, so as to ensure that reassuring products and thoughtful services can be provided to residents

it is understood that 3A environmental protection paint has previously launched environmental protection paint for new rural construction, and it is under construction. We hope that China can also keep up with the trend. We have accumulated years of rich experience in building oil carpentry teams and after-sales service system, and have practical cases of new rural construction, such as the construction of Suizhong new rural area, the "first county outside the customs", which undertakes the decoration work of 30 cultural sites, At the same time, they have successively undertaken key coating projects that require very high performance in environmental protection, such as the direct introduction of virtual instruments into the classroom, the stations along the Qinghai Tibet railway, the Shenmu railway, and the transformation of urban and rural landscape in Baise old revolutionary base area

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