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Cloud printing: look at the four principles of transformation and interconnection

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core tip: Kevin Kelly, founding editor of Wired magazine, once said that the change of a society is always driven by new technology, and technology can immediately cause change at the tool level, However, its impact really enters the social level, which often takes decades or even hundreds of years. Internet became more and more popular in the 1990s. E-commerce was popular for a time, and network marketing was popular, but people's understanding of it always remained at the tool level

[China Packaging News] Kevin Kelly, the founding editor of Wired magazine, once said that the change of a society is always driven by new technology. Technology can immediately trigger changes at the tool level, but its impact really enters the social level is very lagging, often taking decades or even hundreds of years. Internet became more and more popular in the 1990s. E-commerce was popular for a time, and network marketing was popular, but people's understanding of it always remained at the tool level

in recent years, Internet, as a symbol of the way of thinking, has entered the public view, and its influence has begun to really touch the whole society. What is Internet thinking? What does Internet thinking mean for an enterprise

1. Connotation of interconnected thinking

which system does interconnected thinking break into? Internet is a new thing. It builds a brand-new ecosystem. It is a kind of business democratization thinking. According to Moore's law and other theories, the three basic elements of interconnection, bandwidth, storage and server, will point to free. In the interconnected economy, monopoly production, sales and dissemination will no longer be possible

An important result of business democratization is user first, which is also the core connotation of Internet thinking. In the Internet economy characterized by abundance, user supremacy has become a hard requirement of the ecosystem. It has become a compulsory course for businesses to maximize user experience and give emotion to products

2. The biggest obstacle for traditional enterprises to embrace the Internet: your successful experience

at present, the whole society has been fragmented. We often see reports of the financial crisis, the bankruptcy of small and medium-sized enterprises, and the boss running away in newspapers, television and other traditional media, but we rarely hear similar news in the circle of Internet enterprises. These are two separate worlds, which follow different tracks

can people in the traditional economic world enter the new interconnected economic world? Of course there are possibilities, but the process will be very painful. At present, many people, including Internet entrepreneurs, are not natives of the Internet world, and they should strive to acquire new ways of thinking. This is not easy. Can't see - despise - don't understand - it's too late. It's Ma Yun's classic summary of people's reactions to new business opportunities. Especially for traditional entrepreneurs, their past successful experience will become the biggest obstacle to their transformation to Internet thinking

in addition, it should be noted that enterprises trying to transform must abandon the simple practice of using interconnection as a tool and embrace interconnection from the height of thinking, otherwise there will be no ideal result

in the face of the impact of the Internet, if the traditional enterprise remains unchanged, that is, the original production, sales, management methods, etc., it is useless to graft the Internet or mobile Internet into the enterprise, build a station, and open a business. Metersbonwe has engaged in banggou. Many traditional enterprises have tried to do shopping malls with great investment, but almost no one succeeded, because Wutong trees can't grow roses

3. How to hug? There are three levels of transformation

the traditional industrialized production mode will not be completely eliminated in a short time, but it does not represent the future direction, and transformation is imperative

first, products become organic organisms. In the Internet era, enterprises should regard products as an organic organism. Products have their own growth process, and their growth power comes from the needs of users

Paul Graham once mentioned in "hackers and painters" that there are two modes of product development: one is the Virgin Mary mode, in which the internal team of the enterprise develops in a closed manner, spends n years trying to think of all possibilities, and then holds a press conference to make a grand debut, just like the virgin riding a auspicious cloud; The other is the common iterative development mode in Internet enterprises, that is, first launch a function that users need most, and then continuously improve it according to user feedback. The latter is the embodiment of interconnected thinking centered on user needs

secondly, there is no monopoly in communication channels. The monopoly of traditional media has been broken, and the communication methods in the industrial era such as press conferences will gradually fail, and the word-of-mouth communication based on we media will replace it

to launch a new product, traditional enterprises often carry out large-scale press conferences, find public relations, make appointments, and advertise, trying to achieve the purpose of publicity by controlling the media. However, in the process of transformation from bit economics to atomic economics, the traditional media industry characterized by one-way large-scale communication has become one of the first industries to be impacted: media products can naturally be digitalized; Everyone can produce content; License monopoly is meaningless, and there are more and more free communication channels

third, unlimited tissue morphology. But in the Internet age, this assumption has been impacted. The multi-level management of traditional enterprises sometimes increases the cost of friction and communication, and also brings various problems such as the inflexibility of user feedback mechanism. Gary Hamel and other management scholars have looked forward to the possibilities of future organizations such as non hierarchical and decentralized. Equality, openness and collaboration are the essence of Internet thinking. More radical enterprises such as Zhenghe island have initially proved the effectiveness of the new organizational form through unorganized organizational practice

4. Five principles of transformation that must be adhered to

five principles of using Internet thinking: focus, boundlessness, lean, media and collaboration

focus: finish the work in one battle and achieve the ultimate. To put it simply:

focus is to concentrate on attacking a point, make it to the extreme, and leave a deep impression on users. Focus does not simply mean that enterprises should focus on a certain field, such as only doing office software, only real estate, only marketing, but to find a more focused point and invest limited human, material and financial resources in it to seek breakthroughs, and other aspects can be inferior to others, or even not. For example, has been investing heavily in building its own logistics system, and the high-quality distribution service experience it can provide is that extremely powerful point

boundlessness: the intersection of specialty and humanities, rationality and sensibility. Interconnected thinking is essentially a kind of perceptual thinking. In the Internet era, enterprises need to integrate emotional and rational thinking modes to better meet the functional and emotional needs of users in a broad sense. In the stages of product development and manufacturing, enterprises still need rigorous rational thinking and logical thinking; However, from the perspective of grasping the pain points of users, enterprises must use the power of sensibility to penetrate human nature. Zhangxiaolong once said that the product manager should become an artistic youth

it is not easy to achieve this, because reason always restricts human nature. Nowadays, enterprises' capabilities in technology and means are getting closer and closer, and their competitiveness comes more from the exploration and understanding of human nature. Inamori Kazuo once said that the cloth of truth is woven from thread to thread. By simplifying the phenomenon of various things, it will be closer and closer to its original appearance, that is, to the truth. But we often think too complicated, but it is more and more difficult to get close to the original things. For example, when we see a tree, our minds will first reflect the shape and composition of the tree described in the book, and only by taking away the rational things and returning to our feelings at the moment when we first saw the tree, can we make more breakthrough innovations, just like Steve Jobs, who meditated and meditated, designed an excellent apple

during the "1035" period, the door was lean: iterative promotion and perfection. Lean is related to the self growth of products mentioned above, which refers to the continuous improvement of products based on the needs of users. Within one year after its launch, it has been developed iteratively for 44 times. Every week, Xiaomi has 40 or 50 bugs (vulnerabilities) to be modified, and most of these bugs are put forward with the help of users in MIUI forums and other places. 51 credit card is also an excellent embodiment of lean thinking. At the end of April 2012, the entrepreneurial team only had the preliminary idea of the product. After 15 days of closed development by five people, the first version of the product has been launched. On this basis, it is constantly updated and iterated to make it more and more meet the needs of users

media: there is love, there is communication. Products made with internet thinking naturally have media attributes, because they basically have two characteristics: first, the ultimate product experience; First, strong emotional appeal

why does roseonly spread? Despite the gimmicky ingredients, its roses are indeed imported from Ecuador, and the products are the best. Love is also the key for enterprises or products to win the public praise of users. Enterprises always leave their troubles and risks to themselves, so that users can scream, and users can't help falling in love with you and spread it for you. Xiaomi, Fauvism, nanshizhao, Huangtaiji pancake, diaoye sirloin, etc. are all cases that give full play to the self-propagation characteristics of products

the most effective way of communication in the Internet era is word-of-mouth communication, which is characterized by its inability to enforce. Whether it's Weibo or, voluntary communication after moving users has become the best form. Gan Qishi is a well-known steamed bun chain store in Hangzhou. In fact, steamed buns themselves are not fundamentally different from Barbie steamed buns. Although it has more detailed settings in terms of how many grams of meat, how many folds of skin, and which leg meat to use, its most fundamental advantage lies in love. This is true whether the steamed stuffed buns will be disposed of before they are sold out that day, the transaction will be completed within 12 seconds to reduce the waiting time of users, or providing details such as dormitories, cooking aunts, and customized beds for employees. And after this point is continuously amplified by word-of-mouth, it will be more and more different from other brands, and many things will become different

collaboration: the deformation and reconstruction of traditional organizations. Collaboration is about using connected thinking for organizational change. In the new era, in order to reduce the communication cost within the organization, realize rapid market feedback, and fully mobilize the initiative of employees, enterprises need to try to establish an organization characterized by equality, openness, and de hierarchy

changes are taking place. For example, traditional enterprises generally have a facade and a front desk, but now many interconnected companies have no front desk, the hierarchical system has been broken, positions and titles such as general manager and deputy general manager have been cancelled, and the founder system and partner system have become increasingly popular. Many CEOs of software companies don't even have their own independent offices. They sit on the workstation with everyone

for traditional old enterprises, the transformation to Internet thinking is difficult but necessary; For start-ups, it is better to use Internet thinking to transform many traditional industries that need transformation

Xiaomi has set an excellent example for enterprises that want to transform: against the background that it is difficult to make breakthroughs in chips, manufacturing and other links, Xiaomi has made great efforts to grasp MIUI (Xiaomi operating system), which is a key point of direct contact with users

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