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Yuchai Co., Ltd. held the 2011 marketing work conference

Yuchai Co., Ltd. held the 2011 marketing work conference

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Guide: on January 28, Yuchai Co., Ltd. held the 2011 marketing work conference in Yuchai cultural center. At present, researchers at home and abroad of the joint-stock company need our district to develop and innovate products with better performance and cost advantages. They mainly use environmental pretreatment and environmental simulation test to study the impact of environmental effects. General manager Li Tiansheng, Party Secretary Liang Ping, executive deputy general manager Wu Qiwei and other leaders, as well as all employees of sales companies, overseas marketing departments and monopoly companies attended the meeting. The meeting was held by Wu Qi

on January 28, Yuchai Co., Ltd. held the 2011 marketing work conference in Yuchai cultural center. Li Tiansheng, general manager of the joint stock company, Liang Ping, Secretary of the Party committee, Wu Qiwei, executive deputy general manager and other leaders, as well as all employees of the sales company, overseas marketing department and monopoly company attended the meeting

the conference was presided over by Wu Qiwei as if there was no starting point and no end point. He briefly introduced the marketing situation of the company in 2010 and thanked the marketing officers for their hard work. Gao Qiang, the general manager of the sales company, made a marketing report, analyzed the sales performance of various sectors and domestic offices and the main performance of customer service, and predicted the sales market in 2011. Aiming at ensuring the sales of 600000 scale weighing tables with a sensitivity of 1/10000 in 2011, challenging the sales task of 680000 engines, this paper puts forward the marketing strategy for 2011. Cui Huabiao, general manager of the overseas marketing department, made an overseas marketing work report. He summarized the work in 2010, analyzed the industry export situation in 2010, and deployed the overseas sales work in 2011. Chen Qixian, general manager of the monopoly company, summarized the accessories work and service guarantee work, reflected on the shortcomings of the monopoly work in 2010, and put forward the work ideas of the monopoly company in 2011

Li Tiansheng bowed three times to the credible and respectable Yuchai Tiejun and the soldiers of the sales monopoly to express the company's deep gratitude to them. He said that the sales work in 2010 was excellent and beautiful. For the marketing work in 2011, he put forward five hopes for marketers. First, we should have a consensus on the significance of the goal and firm confidence in the task; The second is to look for opportunities in the market and dare to defeat the opponents; Third, be good at planning for operation and make good use of leadership for promotion; Fourth, make good use of resources for difficulties and be meticulous and solid in work; Fifth, pay attention to the team and pay more attention to the body

Liang Ping expressed her sincere thanks to all the sales officers and their families. She said that in 2011, the Party committee of the company will work together with the general branch of the sales monopoly party to do a good job in service, further improve the ideological dynamics of overseas employees, and quickly collect feedback mechanism; Further improve the rapid response mechanism for the difficult needs of overseas employees; The mechanism of doing practical things for employees and caring for and serving employees regularly. The Party committee will also continue to send condolences and publicity teams to go deep into all offices to carry out condolences, publicity and reporting work, and solve problems for sales monopoly employees within its capabilities. At the same time, Liang Ping hopes that the sales monopoly party and mass organization will be more comprehensive, deeper and more down-to-earth, do a good job in caring for services, and try her best to solve practical problems for employees stationed abroad and escort the sales work

at the meeting, the director of the domestic office represented Jiang Dongming, director of the Hubei Office, and he Xiang, director of the Qinghai office; the director of the overseas office represented Tang Haidong, director of the Vietnam office; and the monopoly manager represented Feng Wu, manager of Guangzhou Tongju company, who spoke on the stage to summarize the work of their respective sectors. Facing the sales task in 2011, the representatives said that under the leadership and support of the company's leaders, they are confident to lead the team, fight the engine market, complete the marketing goals, and offer a gift for the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the plant

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