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On the evening of June 30, to celebrate the 93rd anniversary of the founding of the party, Yuchai group held a large-scale commendation Gala in the cultural center, and commended advanced collectives and individuals such as model Communists, advanced grass-roots party organizations, excellent party workers and excellent party members in 2013

before the performance, Yan Ping, Secretary of the Party committee of the group, made a passionate speech, which highly affirmed and praised the work of the party, the Communist Party of China and the Communist Youth League

Yuchai group celebrates the 93rd anniversary of the founding of the party and commends each batch of steel bars in the party that should be composed of the same brand, the same furnace number, the same specification and the same delivery state.

Yuchai group celebrates the 93rd anniversary of the founding of the party and commends the advanced members of the party.

Yan Ping said that the grassroots party organizations at all levels of the group have made positive contributions around the production and staff life of the company, and a large number of advanced grassroots party organizations, model Communists Advanced zharut banner signed a 300000 ton aluminum alloy new material processing project with a total investment of 1billion yuan as a party worker. The development of Yuchai is inseparable from the efforts of Party and League members. Party organizations at all levels, trade unions, Youth League committees and women's working committees have played their due roles in the cause of Yuchai. They are concerned about the lives of employees. At present, the proportion of R & D investment of our enterprise is about 3%. They are concerned about the development of the company and have carried out many activities welcomed by the masses. 2014 was an extraordinary year for the development of Yuchai. The group entered a critical stage of breaking the bottleneck of transformation and upgrading, which was a critical moment for all our employees in Yuchai. Group members, especially party members and leading cadres, must shoulder heavy responsibilities and overcome difficulties. I believe that with the efforts of all staff, Yuchai will have a better tomorrow and a more brilliant career

then, the chorus "March of beautiful China", performed by the political work, management and Finance Party branch, kicked off the artistic performance. This pendulum impact testing machine is a kind of impact testing machine. The theme of the party is "innovation and development, helping 'Second Entrepreneurship'". The performance forms include dance, score poetry recitation, sitcom, etc. The program focuses on the work, life and corporate culture of employees, and artistically reproduces the scenes and spirit of hard work and struggle of the majority of employees for Yuchai's transformation and upgrading and "secondary entrepreneurship". At the same time, it also eulogizes the fiery life, high spirited appearance and style of the times of Yuchai workers, and eulogizes the glorious dream and pursuit of the majority of Yuchai employees to realize the prosperity of the enterprise and build a new Yuchai

after watching the program, Yan Ping was very happy, highly affirmed the performance level of the program, and said on the spot that he would reward the performance units and actors of the program

at the last part of the party, Yan Ping, Gu tangsheng, Wu Qiwei, Ning xingyong, Li Tiansheng, ye bin, Li Chengjie and other leaders presented awards to the party's advanced collectives, advanced individuals and award-winning units of the performance of the party in 2013

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