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The 2014 (10th) China Distributed Energy International Forum came to a successful conclusion. On August, the China Energy Association, the China Energy Research Association, the China Enterprise Investment Association, the China Electrical Engineering Society, the China Urban Gas Association, and the China biogas microcomputer control system conducted a variety of modes of automatic control of experimental force, displacement, and deformation The 2014 (10th) China Distributed Energy International Forum co hosted by the China Renewable Energy Society was successfully held in Shanghai Dahua Hongqiao Holiday Inn

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this forum invited more than 200 industry insiders from government departments, energy associations and societies, gas companies, electric power enterprises, energy service companies, equipment providers, emerging energy enterprises, scientific research and investment and financing institutions and other social units to participate

the theme of this forum is energy innovation in the cross-border era. The experts at the meeting focused on the discussion of the current situation and medium - and long-term development of China's distributed energy, the smart energy system with complementary wind, wind and gas storage, and the 13th five year plan of distributed energy

Zhou Dadi, vice president of China Energy Research Association, made an in-depth analysis on the development strategy of low-carbon energy and distributed energy. He believed that the 13th five year plan energy management needs more powerful unified planning and coordination. We should effectively prevent various industries from disorderly seizing limited market space and forming vicious competition. Under the condition of excess supply of traditional energy, we should continue to give priority to energy conservation, reduce pollutant emissions from the source, improve the quality of the ecological environment, accelerate the transformation of the development mode and enhance economic competitiveness. During the 13th Five Year Plan period, the trend of energy conservation, consumption reduction and high pressure should be maintained

Zhou Dadi stressed that distributed energy needs to consider many factors, including the highest system efficiency, the smallest environmental impact, and good economy, especially the distributed utilization of natural gas. Renewable energy should be inclined to distribution as much as possible, and the policy guidance of interest mechanism and system optimization should be solved

as one of the pioneers in the field of domestic distributed energy, Feng Jianghua, general manager of Beijing Ennett Distributed Energy Technology Co., Ltd., pointed out in his speech that the integrated operation of upstream and downstream distorts the market price and the relationship between supply and demand, which has become an important reason for the intensification of the contradiction between supply and demand of natural gas and the continuous rise of prices. Gas price also restricts the development of distributed energy in China, and the monopoly natural gas system is an important reason. Only through system reform can we fundamentally solve the problem

Han Xiaoping, chief information officer of China energy, talked about his views on several issues of the 13th five year plan for natural gas, and especially put forward the concept of cross-border thinking. He said that natural gas distributed energy has become a key part of China's energy strategy, which is of great significance for adjusting the energy structure and solving the current growing haze pollution. Distributed energy has overturned the mode of energy production and consumption, from producers to consumers. China's industrial structure will face comprehensive changes, and distributed energy will become an important industry

after the discussion session, the forum organizers organized participants to visit and investigate the first phase of distributed energy supply project in Shanghai Hongqiao Business District, Shanghai international tourism area project and Nanhui Zhicheng science and technology port project

one of the highlights of this forum is that in order to recognize and commend enterprises and individuals who have made outstanding contributions in the field of distributed energy in China in 2014, the results of the 2014 (10th) International Symposium on Distributed Energy Awards, initiated by China energy and strongly supported by the conference organizers, were officially announced during the conference. According to the organizing committee, this selection activity lasted three months, from May 20 to July 31 to complete the preliminary declaration. In early August, experts were organized to evaluate, and then after verification with the owner one by one, the following winners were finally selected

the projects that won the 2014 China distributed energy excellent project award include:

China Petroleum Science and technology innovation base (plot a-29) energy center project. The enterprises applying for the project include: Beijing Gas Energy Development Co., Ltd., General Electric distributed energy, Shuangliang energy saving system Co., Ltd

Shanghai Hongqiao Business District (phase I) regional distributed triple supply project. The enterprises applying for the project include Shanghai Hongqiao Business District New Energy Investment Development Co., Ltd. and Jardine Machine Co., Ltd

distributed energy station project of Huadian Industrial Park. The enterprise applying for the project is China Huadian Engineering (Group) Co., Ltd

Zhuzhou Shennong Sun City. The enterprises applying for the project include: ENN intelligent energy group, temys (Zhejiang) cold and hot Engineering Co., Ltd

South 863 distributed energy supply demonstration project. The enterprise applying for the project is Yuanda Air Conditioning Co., Ltd

distributed energy station project of Tinghu District People's Hospital, Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province. The applicant enterprises include ENN smart energy group and caterpillar (China) Investment Co., Ltd

in addition to outstanding projects, the 2014 China distributed energy outstanding contributor award was also set up in this selection activity. The winners of the award include: Liu Min, President of ENN intelligent energy group, Huo Guangzhao, deputy general manager of Huadian Fu new energy Co., Ltd., Mao Rulin, chairman of Shanghai Hongqiao Business District new energy investment and Development Co., Ltd., Liu Huiping, deputy director of energy and Transportation Research Institute of Shanghai development and Reform Research Institute Gao Dingyun, vice president of Shanghai Aerospace Energy Co., Ltd., Yang Guangyao, general manager of Yuanda Air Conditioning Co., Ltd., Hu Jize, sales manager of sola turbine international in China, and Huang Wei, Secretary General of the distributed energy special committee of China Urban Gas Association

the development and growth of distributed energy is inseparable from the national development strategy and policy support. This year, the national energy administration will take distributed energy as an important means to promote China's energy production and consumption revolution. During the national two sessions, Premier Li Keqiang pointed out in the government work report that this year we should increase the proportion of non fossil energy power generation, develop smart electricity and distributed energy, and encourage the development of wind and solar energy; Many participants also put forward a number of proposals and recommendations on the development of distributed energy in terms of policy support, utilization mode, cooperation with urbanization, etc., which injected new impetus into the way forward for the development of distributed energy

the uniqueness of this distributed energy forum is that it provides a platform for participants in the field of distributed energy to promote exchanges and cooperation: the forum successfully invited many professionals from government agencies, business circles, academia and so on to add a DC input signal to the amplifier unit through the workstation to give feedback to relevant government units on the most thorny and urgent problems encountered by front-line workers in the distributed industry, And ask senior experts for relevant technical issues. During the meeting, the participants actively interacted and the discussion atmosphere was warm. The purpose of this International Forum on distributed energy held by the co sponsors of China energy is to provide a feast for the vast number of distributed energy industry to use microcomputers to control an exchange and discussion, and to promote the healthy development of China's distributed industry

as one of the first institutions to pay attention to the field of distributed energy in China, China energy has been committed to the research on the development of distributed energy industry for many years. Distributed energy seminars have been held for ten consecutive years since 2005, and have been widely praised by government departments, domestic and foreign energy institutions and industry insiders. China Energy hopes to see more people with lofty ideals who are interested in the development of clean energy to contribute to the sustainable development of China's energy

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