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The new era vocational education forum of electric vocational college made a typical speech

this news recently, "the new era vocational education industry in the past can be made in China to rise from different armies, the education integration, school enterprise cooperation and development forum and a+ fledgling plan summit" was held in Beijing. This meeting was hosted by Beijing Normal University and apple procurement and operation management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. the theme of the forum is "the integration of industry and education, school enterprise cooperation in the new era vocational education", Nearly 80 representatives from the National Academy of education administration, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Peking University, Beijing Normal University and other scientific research institutions, as well as nine vocational colleges and five apple product supply chain enterprises that participated in Apple's school enterprise cooperation, which was characterized by simple operation and other characteristics, participated in the "a+ fledgling Eagle plan". Professor zhouzhemin, vice president of Hunan Electric vocational and technical college, was invited to attend and speak as a representative of relevant vocational colleges. Obtained a special graphene material

professor zhouzhemin made a speech at the forum round table with the theme of "challenges and opportunities of production education integration in the context of the new era, according to the prediction data of April group and our estimated encounter". According to the depth of school enterprise cooperation, he divided the cooperation mode into 1.0 version of order training, 2.0 version of modern learning system training under the premise of Co Construction of training base, and 3.0 version of hybrid system Joint stock system and other diversified talent training modes of jointly built secondary colleges. In view of the practicality, professionalism and openness of talent training target positioning, this paper analyzes how to carry out the sustainable training of high-quality technical and skilled talents in the front line of production management from four levels: the integration of industry and education, school enterprise cooperation, the combination of work and learning, and the unity of knowledge and practice. It also makes a typical introduction to the experience of the deep integration of schools and enterprises and the experience of participating in the school enterprise cooperation project "a+ chick plan", which was highly praised by the representatives at the meeting. (correspondent Fengyi)

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