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The 10th general meeting of the lathe branch of China Machine Tool Industry Association was held in Shenyang Machine Tool Co., Ltd.

on December 23, the 10th general meeting of the lathe branch of China Machine Tool Industry Association was held in the CNC Industrial Park of Shenyang machine tool group

focusing on the topic of "maintaining growth and promoting development", the conference analyzed the challenges and opportunities faced by today's machine tool industry from four aspects: the strategic position of the machine tool industry, the development trend of CNC machine tools, market consumption and development status, and the current situation and tasks, and absorbed and gathered a large number of urban industrial projects such as DuPont Hongji new materials, which can adapt to urban development and integrate with cities. It is emphasized that all enterprises should pay attention to the merger form of the international machine tool industry, national policies and policies, and the major investment direction located in Linyi City, Shandong Province, and formulate future development strategies accordingly. The meeting believed that with the launch of national large aircraft, localization of large nuclear power equipment, Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway project and other projects, the machine tool market will usher in greater vitality

chairman Guan Xiyou proposed in the discussion that enterprises should take technology and service as the leading role and speed up the improvement and upgrading of products. At present, it is a difficult period for economic development, and it is also the best period for enterprises to adjust. According to the rules of the industry, enterprises should improve their own technical level and strengthen high cooperation in the industry, so as to jointly promote the development of China's equipment manufacturing industry

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