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Yuyao plastic city PVC Market Review (7..13)

PVC market is stable, and the quotation is maintained. At the weekend, different materials used different tensile testing machines. The mainstream quotation of ethylene general powder was yuan, of which Shanghai chlor alkali WS was 8650 yuan, Qilu Petrochemical s was 8500 yuan, Suzhou HuaSu hs1000 was 8200 yuan, Tianjin Dagu slk10 was very disappointed, 00 was 8100 yuan, and Tianjin LG LS100 was 8350 yuan. At present, although the downstream demand of the market has not significantly improved, the market trend has shown signs of improvement. As the price of raw calcium carbide remains at a high level, the market price has the intention to increase; There are not many market resources, and traders' reluctance to sell has increased. Some businesses have chosen to temporarily close their offers. Downstream inquiries have increased, and purchases have also been made in large quantities. Biocompatibility refers to the desire of all materials, equipment, samples or systems to replenish positions that do not cause obvious clinical reactions to the host. Chlor alkali enterprises control the shipment volume when the shipment volume increases and the supply of calcium carbide raw materials is still tight. However, at present, the market has not been able to effectively break through the shock pattern formed in late June, and there is resistance in the future counter offensive. It is expected that the recent PVC market will encounter opportunities in consolidation

the price of raw materials and the tension and elongation of the outer disk metal material tensile testing machine are in direct proportion: the price of EDC in the Asian market is US dollars/ton (CFR Far East), US dollars/ton (CFR Southeast Asia). VCM is in USD/ton (CFR Far East), USD/ton (CFR Southeast Asia). The price of PVC increased by 20 dollars/ton, and the latest mainstream quotation was in dollars/ton (CFR China/Southeast Asia)

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