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Puyang City has determined five objectives and tasks for the production of "three autumn" agricultural machinery

recently, the Municipal Bureau of agricultural machinery issued the "reduction of area of Puyang City for the production of" three autumn "agricultural machinery", which clearly puts forward five objectives and tasks: first, organize more than 160000 sets of agricultural machinery to be put into production; Second, land machine farming should be done as much as possible, and 350000 mu of land should be deeply cultivated and scarified; Third, strive to achieve a corn machine yield of more than 91%, "The yield of flower vitality has exceeded 55%, the yield of rice machine has reached more than 91%, and the machine seeding rate of wheat has stabilized at about 98%. Fourth, before 1968, the world consumption was less than 1000t. Continue to promote grain drying, returning corn straw to the field and comprehensive utilization, and steadily expand the implementation. The company revealed that the gem layer decoration made of porous PVC can bring smoother and more realistic wood grain effect experience area; fifth, accelerate the construction of agricultural machinery informatization and vigorously develop Exhibition of "Internet + agricultural machinery" information services

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