PVC market outlook in June

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PVC market outlook in June

since 2001, the PVC market price 1, 1 general situation, the anchor chain is relatively long, and the trend is very different from the traditional analysis. In the past, the main factors affecting the PVC price failed. The so-called experts' predictions of the market have been reversed again and again, which surprised the experts. It seems that the PVC market is volatile and irregular. But strictly speaking, PVC market change still has its internal law, but it has not been recognized by people. Due to the temporary disengagement from the market due to learning and further education in April and may, the comment on the PVC market has been suspended for more than two months. Starting from this week, I am willing to share my views on the market with you. I also hope you can express different views and discuss them on the

the favorable factors affecting the market trend in June are:

1. The VCM price is strong. Although it is said that there are 380 $VCM transactions in China, at present, Japanese suppliers refuse 390 $supply due to shutdown and maintenance. At present, all raw materials such as crude oil, natural gas, ethylene, calcium carbide remain high, thus forming cost support

2. Social inventory decreased significantly compared with the previous period. At present, a large number of goods prepared by PVC users around the Spring Festival (especially in Northeast China) have been gradually digested. The speculative import inventory of importers and middlemen decreased significantly around the Spring Festival

3. Although the demand for soft products is not booming, the demand for hard products is good, and the operating rate of major enterprises has increased significantly compared with last year. Imports increased by 100% year-on-year in January, and 300000 tons of usable vertical sling tensile testing machines with a limit working load of less than 5 tons were imported year-on-year. The development of domestic enterprises in June compared with 3dprts provided a practical plan to solve the environmental protection problems caused by the rapid consumption of 3D printing materials. Last year, 100000 tons more were produced, and 400000 tons more were supplied in January

4. After LG stopped for maintenance for one month, the operating rate of VCM import enterprises will be reduced by the fact that the production department of lactam has been integrated into arlanxio joint venture, and the domestic supply will be tight

the adverse factors affecting the market trend in June are:

1. The inventory of several major enterprises in the north is on the high side, and the inventory of Canghua, Dagu and beierhua is more than 5000 tons

2. The impact of imported resin is said to have been traded at a price of $480

the arrival of the busy farming season in March and June has weakened downstream consumption

4. The global economic downturn and the decline in exports are bound to affect the domestic market

aftermarket analysis:

pvc market is more likely to obtain support at the current price, and there may be a small rebound, but the rebound will not be too large. It is expected that the PVC price will change in the price range of yuan/ton in June

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