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The export of PVC from Japan to China is blocked, and whether the market turnaround can occur

from the Japanese government's restrictions on China's agricultural products exported to Japan to the Chinese government's retaliation against imported PVC originating in Japan in the past two days, it is still less than a month before and after. The Japanese finally realized the strength of the Chinese government's retaliation

Japan is currently China's largest PVC importer, and the average monthly PVC pure resin exported from Japan to China is 4.5% Million tons, maintaining the first import volume for a long time. This time, the Chinese government chose Japanese PVC resin as a variety to retaliate against the restrictions, which is extremely appropriate. In addition to having an impact on Japanese PVC enterprises, it also greatly encouraged domestic PVC enterprises and PVC dealers

according to the situation reflected in Shandong and East China on May 15, many Japanese PVC have been isolated in separate storage areas by the wharf. The arrival of PVC at Tianjin, Qingdao, Dalian and Shanghai ports has been required to return to the port. In recent days, PVC made in Japan has arrived in Xiamen, Shantou, Guangzhou and the Pearl River Delta in South China, but they were told to stop customs declaration and return to the origin. At present, there are still a large number of Japanese PVC resins on the transportation road. Please reinstall the software. In recent days, these materials can also be widely used in the infrastructure of electric vehicles and will arrive at the shore one after another. Guangdong Province has suspended the application for all registration certificates of VC resin, which can completely remove water and oil stains on the surface by preheating the p-core originally from Japan before extrusion. This time, the PVC resin jointly produced by shinyue company of Japan from the United States was affected through dispersion

yesterday (May 15), the Japanese government has asked the Chinese side about this issue, asking the Chinese side to clearly point out which requirements the PVC resin wooden shipping pallets made in Japan need to meet in China, and that the inspection and quarantine certificate issued by the Japanese authorities can be recognized. However, there was no response from China. As the trade dispute between China and Japan has been put out with real bullets, it is expected that both sides will not easily make concessions, and the two sides still need time to further negotiate. During this period, the export of Japanese PVC to China will be seriously affected, and the unsealing time will not be very short, and then the cost of Japanese PVC will increase significantly

today, all Japanese trading houses have recalled the US dollar quotation of PVC and suspended all PVC trade transactions. The quotation of Japan shinyue TK-700 and tk-1000 is $550/t, that of the United States shinyue is $530/t, and that of Dayang and central PVC is $550/t

affected by the obstruction of Japanese imports, some factories in eastern Guangdong and the Pearl River Delta have purchased a large number of Korean Chinese P-1000 and Japanese TK-700 and tk-1000 from the market

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