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According to Japanese media reports, Japan's Ministry of justice recently revealed that it plans to officially launch automatic doors for Japanese entry-exit inspection using face recognition technology from 2018 at Narita (Chiba), Haneda (Tokyo), Chubu (Aichi) and Kansai (Osaka), four airports with large traffic

it is reported that this move aims to reduce the workload for the censors and deal with the increasing number of foreigners. Haneda airport plans to take the lead in introducing three automatic doors from October this year. It is reported that the method of using the automatic door is to put the passport on the machine. While reading the portrait data stored in the IC chip, the machine compares it with the user's face on the spot. If the machine confirms that the identity is correct, the automatic door will be opened for the user to pass

according to the Japanese Ministry of justice, the time required for review is more than ten seconds per person on average. It is said that in the actual test, the probability of being unable to confirm the identity or opening the door for others by mistake is very small, so it is judged that the machine can be put into actual use. The photos taken during the "examination" will only use silicon controlled technology for identification and will not be archived. Staff monitoring will be arranged near the automatic door to prevent violations. Japan began to use fingerprint identification automatic doors in 2007. However, due to the need to register fingerprints in advance, users accounted for only 8.1% of all Japanese people entering and leaving the country in 2016. Face recognition does not require prior registration, and the Ministry of justice hopes to promote more people to use it

according to the introduction of the National Tourism Administration of Japan, the number of foreign tourists visiting Japan in 1998 was about 4.016 million. By 2016, the number had increased to about 24.039 million as the weather turned cold. The government aims to reach 40million people by 2020. The head of Japan's Ministry of Justice said: "we hope to rationalize the entry-exit examination (process) of the Japanese, so as to enhance our response capacity." Face recognition is no stranger to us now. It is a biometric recognition technology based on human face feature information. It is a series of related technologies, such as face recognition and face recognition, that use cameras or cameras to collect images or video streams containing faces, automatically detect and track faces in the images, and then carry out face recognition on the detected faces

then, let's introduce the working principle of automatic doors to you

induction door refers to the translational induction door and the open induction door. "Induction" refers to a door opening mode in automatic doors. Induction door is the structure of induction door in recent years. It is a kind of glass door widely used in shops, hotels, enterprises and institutions

its most direct feature is that when someone or object approaches, it will automatically open the door. When an object approaches, the door does not open. The induction door can be roughly divided into translation type, rotation type and push-pull type. Among them, the translation type and rotation type are most suitable for setting sensors

the system configuration of automatic door refers to the peripheral auxiliary control devices equipped according to the use requirements and connected with the automatic door controller, such as door opening signal source, access control system, safety device, centralized control, etc. Auxiliary control devices must be reasonably equipped according to the use characteristics of the building, through the composition of personnel, building automation system requirements, etc

automatic door sensor is a kind of sensor product belonging to control sensor. It realizes the automation of door opening and closing through microwave and infrared induction. It is mainly used for automatic doors, revolving doors, fast rolling shutter doors, industrial sliding doors, etc. So what is the working principle of the sensor of the automatic door

when the automatic door sensor detects someone entering, it will send a pulse signal to the main controller, which will notify the motor to run after judging. At the same time, it will monitor the motor revolution, so as to notify the motor to apply force and enter slow running at a certain time. When the motor gets a certain operating current, it runs in a positive direction, and transmits the power to the synchronous belt, which then transmits the power to the spreader system to open the door leaf; After the door leaf is opened, the controller makes a judgment. If it is necessary to close the door, inform the motor to move in the opposite direction and close the door leaf

with the development of science and technology, ordinary automatic doors are not uncommon. Have you ever heard of an intelligent automatic door that can open and close automatically according to the shape of the human body

there is an intelligent automatic door, which can determine how large the door needs to be opened according to different body characteristics of different people. This intelligent door is equipped with a large number of infrared sensors. When people need to pass through this door, the horizontal strip (controlled by the computer) constituting the door leaf will be opened accurately according to the parameters of people's head, shoulders, body, feet, hands and carry on bags, plus the remaining activity space of 5 cm to 15 cm. People who enter or leave this door will not encounter difficulties if they are in a wheelchair or with a pet cat or dog

according to the developer of the smart door, the development of such a smart door can reduce the entry or loss of cold and hot air, which is very conducive to reducing the cost of heating or cooling equipment. This smart door can also recognize the identity of regular entrants and prevent others from entering casually, which also increases the safety of office or home

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