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AkzoNobel "dominates" the global non stick coating market

akzonobel "dominates" the global non stick coating market power - deformation

april 25, 2002 reading volume: Source: don't know which advantages are embodied in the mechanical performance testing machine

AkzoNobel acquired coatings and chemicals Corporation

(CCC) company, thus 100% of the non stick coating market. Its non stick coating manufacturers mainly include des

plains in the United States, fimbio in Italy and Ahmedabad in India. AkzoNobel (80%) and CCC (20%) established a joint venture in December, 1998 to provide customers with a full range of liquid and powder non stick coatings, including industrial coatings, automotive coatings and aviation coatings. Mr. Rudy van der Meer, head of AkzoNobel's coating department, said: in recent years, non stick coatings have grown rapidly. We hope to occupy a major position in this very attractive market.

our technology has 1-stream heat resistance and low melt viscosity. We decided to get rid of the form of joint venture, The future development of the company's non stick coating business will be beneficial.

non stick coatings (liquid and powder) fall into two categories: fluoropolymers and organosilicon. The main feature is that they have anti stick

function. AkzoNobel's iron president has also intensively started 14 projects, which not only produce non drying coatings and heat-resistant decorative coatings for cookers, ovens and other industrial purposes, but also make them market-oriented. This kind of coating has anti stickiness and high heat resistance, and is sold through the global network of the company's sales department and sales agent

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