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Ashtar released the annual color of cars in 2019 - "Sahara golden brown"

Ashtar released the annual color of cars in 2019 - load cell 1 generally adopts pressure sensor (large tonnage basically adopts pressure sensor) - "Sahara golden brown"

January 16, 2019

five years since the launch of Ashtar's annual color, This year, for the first time, a kind of annual automobile color - "Sahara golden brown" was released, which is applicable to both the original automobile factory and the automobile after-sales market. The "Sahara" in gold and copper color exudes a warm, mellow and tough feeling. It is suitable for full-size models, especially for the expanding global movement. It can not be blindly used in the multi-function model and truck market, and can be used as the main color of the color matching body, such as matching with the black roof

"in Ashtar, we found that automotive designers are increasingly inclined to use color matching, color matching roof and stripe design," said nancy

lockhart, global color marketing manager of Ashtar. "In mass customization, 'Sahara golden brown' can be used as the main color of medium and high-end models with Chinese paint."

"Sahara golden brown" comes from chromadyne specially developed by Ashtar for global automobile manufacturers ™ The design of the color paint production line is partly inspired by the global trend of warm colors (see the 2018 global mass production automobile color popularity report of Ashtar). The popularity of yellow/gold cars in India and China is higher than that in other regions, while the proportion of Brown/Beige cars in North America has increased the most

"Sahara golden brown" is the fifth annual car color released after "bright red" (2015), "clear blue" (2016), "magnificent grey" (2017) and "star white" (2018) of aiside. When the pearlescent "star white" was released last year, aishide introduced the coating technology into the discussion of the general trend of autonomous vehicle. In the research and development phase of color, aiside will use the automatic cruise radar detection sensor to carry out the identifiability and detectability test, while "the average annual gross profit of Shah is 168million yuan of Larkin Brown" is designed to improve the visibility of vehicles (Note: this generally refers to the dual visibility of human eyes and radar)

according to dan

benton, the color marketing manager of Ashtar touch up paint, Ashtar's annual color is another example of Ashtar's efforts to introduce the original paint technology into the automotive aftermarket and repair business. "Every year, we receive the color customization demand from the industry's first-class customizers, who express their hope to make their products gain differentiation advantages through specific colors," he said. "We have customized the 'Sahara golden brown' formula, which can be used at any time for Ashtar's industry-leading touch up paint brands, including Coriolis ™、 Styrofoam ™ He Shi Bi Kuai ™。”

"Sahara golden brown" will inspire and inspire the automotive design industry, because it perfectly combines the eternal classic style with modern luxury customization to bring a distinctive fashion appearance. " Lockhart said

Ashtar will launch a one-year "Sahara golden brown" annual color release at the 2019 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Its main activities include the video display at the eyeson design award on January 15 and the key exhibition and broadcast at the charity preview sponsored by the precautions for the use of Ashtar 1 and plastic tensile testing machine on January 18

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