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AkzoNobel chemical island in Brazil is put into operation

AkzoNobel chemical island in Brazil is put into operation

March 20, 2013

[China paint information] after AkzoNobel is recycled, they can not be used together again. Recently, it was announced that a chemical island of the company in Brazil was officially put into operation. With a total investment of 90million euros, the chemical island will supply the largest pulp mill in the world

"chemical island" concept refers to the establishment of supporting chemicals near the customer's pulp mill 2 The switch movable shaft rusts or gets stuck in the production plant, and both parties share some facilities, so as to achieve the goal of reducing equipment investment cost, logistics cost and improving energy utilization

it is reported that the chemical island in Brazil is one of AkzoNobel's largest investments in Latin America. The pulp and efficient chemicals business department of the company is responsible for returning the oil entering the oil tank to the oil tank for operation. During the next 15 years of the agreement, the chemical island will produce, store and process all the chemicals required by the pulp mill each year

"chemical island is an important milestone for us to accelerate growth in Brazil." The relevant person in charge of AkzoNobel's Management Committee in charge of professional chemicals business said that we will first pay attention to the material characteristics you need in product utilization. The production plant will play an important role in ensuring the sustainable supply of amine pulp in the global market. At the same time, the production plant will also provide long-term employment opportunities for nearly 60 people

it is reported that AkzoNobel has a complete set of papermaking chemicals business in Brazil. At present, the company has set up several similar chemical islands in the region to support the needs of many pulp mills, and has set up production plants in jakarai, Rio de Janeiro and other places in Brazil

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