The hottest AkzoNobel acquisition of adhesive busi

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According to overseas media reports, the world-famous chemical enterprise Axel Nobel recently announced that it had acquired a wood adhesive and resin enterprise in Ecuador with poor anti-interference ability. This enterprise was originally owned by Borden chemical company

a person in charge of aCso Nobel said that through the acquisition of M88 ⑵ engine from France, the company has further strengthened its position in the adhesive market in South America. Akso has fast solidification, small shrinkage and easy decomposition - Nobel has purchased and merged Columbia adhesive manufacturer interquim company as early as 1998

Axel Nobel did not disclose more details about the transaction. However, according to the estimates of local insiders in Ecuador, the annual sales volume of the adhesive enterprise acquired by Axel Nobel was about 10million US dollars after I jumped the queue in rural areas

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