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AkzoNobel Chengdu decorative paint production base was put into operation on April 29, AkzoNobel's fourth and largest decorative paint production base in China officially put 120 ° diamond cone into operation. The production base is located in Qionglai City, Chengdu, covering an area of 55000 square meters

at present, AkzoNobel is investing more than 360million yuan to build a powder coating and decorative paint production base, and Chengdu production base is one of them

AkzoNobel has four decorative paint factories in China. The other three are located in Guangzhou, Shanghai and Langfang, covering South China, East China and North China respectively. The Chengdu base is managed by a joint venture company formed by AkzoNobel and Swire, in which AkzoNobel holds 70% of the shares and Swire contributes 30% of the key materials and engineering technologies such as high-performance thin-film solar cells, lithium-ion batteries and fuel cells

AkzoNobel currently has more than 7500 employees in China. In 2015, AkzoNobel's sales in China reached 1.8 billion euros, most of which came from the local market

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