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On the morning of March 31, the steel truss suspension bridge with the largest span across the canyon in the world, which is likely to be as thin as the hotel room in the future, was opened to traffic in Aizhai bridge in Western Hunan. 1. High density connectors, coil frames, spools, sockets, etc; Loudspeaker vibrating plate and earphone switch in audio-visual device; Floppy disk, hard disk drive, copy and other parts in office equipment; At about the same time, the pointer is zero - the grand opening ceremony of the Aizhai bridge in Hunan will be held, which will announce the opening of the main artery of the expressway connecting Hunan and Chongqing

Aizhai super large suspension bridge is the control project of Jicha expressway, the highway channel from Changsha to Chongqing. It is about 20 kilometers away from Jishou City and crosses the Dehang Grand Canyon 355 meters above Aizhai town. The main span of the bridge is 1176 meters, which is the largest steel truss suspension bridge in the world

Aizhai super large suspension bridge has become the "world's first in four items": first, the main span of the bridge is 1176 meters, and the suspension bridge across the canyon has become the world's first; The second is to adopt the British style fixture, which is a structural designer with complete separation of tower and beam, for the first time and conforms to the standards of many countries, creating the first in the world; Third, the "rail cable sliding method" was used to erect steel truss beams for the first time, which was the first in the world; Fourth, the rock anchor sling structure was adopted for the first time, and carbon fiber was used as the prestressed reinforcement, creating the first in the world

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