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AkzoNobel's enhanced packaging coating portfolio

AkzoNobel recently announced the acquisition of the global assets of Swedish lindgens metal decorative coatings and inks, including its majority stake in the Turkish joint venture server Boya. Specific financial data were not disclosed

this acquisition will strengthen the technology and expertise of AkzoNobel's own packaging coating business, especially in the ink printing market on the outside of two metal packages

Leif darner, a member of AkzoNobel's board of directors in charge of high-performance coatings business, said: "For example, the acquisition with a dynamic friction coefficient between rubber and metal between 1 and 4 and a gross profit margin of over 13% has enhanced our strength and is fully in line with our growth strategy. This will strengthen our position in the field of metal packaging decoration and expand our business in key markets such as Russia, Turkey and Australia."

Conrad keijzer, general manager of AkzoNobel industrial coatings business department, said: "this transaction will not only strengthen our position in the field of metal packaging, but also enable us to provide a series of unique technologies and provide a comprehensive portfolio of ink and coating products to support our customers."

consultation with employee representatives will be held in due course. The transaction is expected to be completed in the third quarter of this year

peter koivula, chairman of lindgens group, said: "with the increasing globalization of our market, this strategic acquisition will help ensure that all lindgens and server Boya customers around the world continue to benefit from good product, technology and service support at present and in the future."

lindgens was founded in 2005 with sales volume of about 25million euros in 2009. It manufactures and sells a full set of coating and ink system solutions for the metal packaging industry. Sample tensile sample length zigzag sample length zigzag sample length

AkzoNobel's packaging coating business department is a leading global supplier of internal and external packaging coatings. Its products are applied to beer and beverage cans, food cans, bottle caps and closures, and ordinary cans

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