The glass shower room explodes. Don't bury a time

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The shower room is a good place for us to enjoy the shower. We can't let the relaxed place become a dangerous place. Therefore, we must be careful when installing and using the shower room to avoid unnecessary trouble

as the weather turns cooler, the bath temperature in the bathroom also gradually increases. It is the time period when the glass in the shower room is most prone to self explosion. Why does the glass in the shower room self explode? How to prevent self explosion? Such safety issues are certainly of concern to many people. Today, let's join Xiaobian to understand the cause of the self explosion of the glass shower room

causes of glass self explosion in shower room

1. In order to achieve the dry and wet zoning effect of bathroom, we chose the product shower room. Because of its specific working environment, in order to meet the needs of safety, the shower room must choose qualified high-temperature tempered glass, which is strictly stipulated in the national standard "QB 2584— 2007"

2. Although tempered glass is the safest safety glass, in the process of high-temperature tempering, the glass contains nickel sulfide impurities, which originally existed in the state of small crystals. In general, it will not cause damage to the glass. However, due to the re heating of tempered glass, the phase state of nickel sulfide impurities is changed, and the high temperature of nickel sulfide α The state is frozen when the glass is quenched, and they are recovering to β State may take many years, due to low temperature β The volume of nickel sulfide impurity will increase, and local stress concentration will occur in the glass. At this time, the self explosion of tempered glass will occur. However, most of this self explosion will be completed in the short time after the glass tempering is completed, when the temperature changes most violently. At present, the self explosion rate of tempered glass generally recognized by the glass industry is 3 per 1000. This probability plus the concept of time is quite low; So tempered glass is still very safe

3. Impurities or bubbles left in tempered glass will also cause glass self explosion, so glass material selection also needs to be strictly controlled

4. If you are worried about the potential safety hazards of glass self explosion, you can choose to stick explosion-proof film on the glass or use laminated glass. It will be more safe and reliable

precautions for the use of glass shower room

first, to reduce damage, only need to stick an explosion-proof film

since the self explosion of tempered glass is its inherent characteristic, this possibility cannot be ruled out in theory. Even if high-quality tempered glass is selected, the damage to human body is limited to the extremely light damage to the skin surface, but it is still recommended that consumers choose to stick a layer of explosion-proof film, or choose a shower room made of new explosion-proof laminated glass, In this way, the harm to human body can be minimized. For bathroom glass doors that may burst, stick an explosion-proof film on the glass door to increase the strength. Even if the glass bursts, it will stick to the plastic film to prevent glass fragments from splashing and hurting people

second, slowly raise the water temperature when taking a shower

and because the interior of the glass shower room is a relatively closed space, especially when taking a shower, the temperature inside is high, and the accumulation of high temperature and high pressure to a certain extent will form pressure on the glass screen, resulting in uneven heating of the glass. If the glass quality is poor, coupled with the large temperature difference in winter, it is easy to cause the glass to burst. Therefore, it is recommended that you slowly raise the water temperature when taking a shower, Do not suddenly use water with too high temperature

III. avoid fierce collision with bathroom glass

although tempered glass has high strength, it is also afraid of sharp things and violent impact. Therefore, it is necessary to open and close gently and slowly to avoid collision. If you accidentally touch the glass during use, you also need to maintain it to ensure safety

precautions for cleaning the glass shower room

1. When cleaning at ordinary times, pay attention to clean with clean water, wash once with glass cleaner for a period of time, and then wipe it with a dry rag. This can keep the shower room dry and clean. (precautions: do not use detergent to clean hardware accessories)

2. If there are yellow water stains and scales on the glass, we can use glass detergent to clean the yellow water stains. If the scales are clear, use neutral detergent. (Note: do not use acidic or alkaline solvents to clean.

3. The water stains on the bathroom can be cleaned by buying a glass scraper the size of your glass in the supermarket (Note: the glass scraper should not be larger than the glass on the glass room, or it will be very inconvenient)

4. The water bar should be removed for cleaning

5. Do not collide with metal objects during the cleaning of the shower room. It is easy to cause self explosion

summary: the above is some knowledge about the self explosion of glass shower room introduced by Xiaobian. Partners should pay special attention to when purchasing glass materials and cleaning. Don't bury a time bomb around yourself. Please pay attention to more information




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