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Seamless wall cloth refers to the ultra-high and wide wall cloth with a width of about 2.7 meters or more and a length that can be customized or zero cut. The front side adopts woven cloth surface, and the raw materials include chemical fiber, linen, cotton linen blend, etc., and the back side is coated. During construction, the width of more than 2.7 meters can meet the needs of more than 95% of the wall height. The horizontal paving and horizontal length can be zero cut. Therefore, there can be no joints in one wall or a whole room, and a piece of cloth can be paved completely

seamless wallcovering is an updated and upgraded product of traditional wallcovering. At present, it is still a new product in the wallpaper industry. The first enterprise to make seamless wallcovering products has only been a few years, and the big development period is only more than 2 years. In this short two years, more than 10 enterprises have followed up. The author believes that seamless wallcovering products have many advantages that traditional products cannot match. At the same time, there are still many problems in the seamless wallcovering industry and products. Here is an exchange with you for your reference

first, the product advantages of seamless wallcovering

seamless wallcovering is different from wallpapers and traditional narrow wallcovering in product development. It has the following characteristics:


fixed height of 2.7 or more than 3 meters, which basically meets the needs of most wall heights; The width (length) is quantitatively cut according to the perimeter of the user's wall. There is no joint after construction, so that the wall looks neat and smooth, so that the whole decoration is integrated, achieving a certain artistic effect, and avoiding the problem of short service life caused by the opening of the joint

2. Breathable and moisture-proof

this product uses woven fabric as raw material, so it has good air permeability and moisture-proof performance. Therefore, it is also called a breathable wallpaper, which is a major advantage different from ordinary impermeable wallpaper. If the humidity of the wall is high, it can discharge the moisture in the wall through tiny pores to prevent the wall from mildew and falling off. Therefore, this product is especially suitable for wall decoration in coastal cities with high humidity and humid and cold areas

3. Environmental protection

nowadays, people will inevitably put health first in decoration. The front of seamless wall fabric products is pure cloth, which is used as curtains, sheets and clothes in our life, so environmental protection is not a problem. (however, at present, the materials used for the back coating are not unified among various manufacturers. Some enterprises may not have been certified by the national building materials testing department, and it is difficult to say whether they meet the national environmental protection standards.)

4. Durable

due to the use of all kinds of pure cloth as the main surface material, it has the characteristics of good tensile resistance, strong and durable. It can cover, protect and condense the cracks caused by putty on the wall

in addition, in case of impact by hard objects, ordinary wallpaper will break the skin and cannot be repaired, affecting the appearance, while the wallpaper will not have much impact

5. It is easy to take care of and construct

seamless wall cloths are generally treated with waterproof, oil proof and dust-proof treatment on the surface. Water or soy sauce, vinegar, edible oil, etc. will form a small droplet when it falls on the cloth surface. Therefore, you can use detergent to wipe the stain

the seamless wall cloth is constructed with ordinary wall powder and glue, and there is no need to pair flowers or seams in the construction process. Generally, when paving, it is only cut at the inner corner. The whole wall is a piece of cloth, and the construction is relatively simple and the speed is much faster than other wallpapers

6. Other features

due to the concave convex texture of the cloth, it can play a certain effect of sound absorption, silencing and sound insulation

second, the current situation and existing problems of the seamless wallpaper industry

the main problems existing in the current seamless wallpaper products and industry development are as follows:

product design can not keep up with market demand

wallpaper is the decoration that best reflects the artistic effect and artistic atmosphere of space. Therefore, in today's popular personalized decoration, people's requirements for the design and color of wallpaper are also very diverse. At present, the author has learned that seamless wall fabric products generally lag behind in product design

mainly reflected in:

lack of design concept and the whole style design. Some enterprises' products leave “ Caotai team ” The feeling of disorderly style. The reason is that seamless wallcovering enterprises have a low starting point in the development process. For example, the managers of some enterprises themselves lack awareness of product style and design concept. Secondly, seamless wall coverings have developed from scratch in just a few years. There must be a development process, and the understanding of enterprise managers on design also has a growth process. The progress of product development must also be a process of economic investment, so it depends on the further development of enterprises to do better. The patterns and colors are out of date, or they are made according to the existing patterns and colors of cloth. Because some products are not supported by the overall design concept, they cannot be compared with wallpapers in the market adaptability of specific designs and patterns. There is a common phenomenon of old-fashioned designs and patterns. The reasons are as follows: first, the managers of the enterprise have a wide range of industries, and some even launch the wallpaper industry without much knowledge. As a result, the products made are old-fashioned and difficult to adapt to the market. Second, there is no special designer, just “ Boss ” Based on imagination or so-called experience, the products made are greatly limited in the scope of adaptation. The product packaging does not match the product value. Except for several large-scale production enterprises, most of them did not work hard on the packaging design of products, which made the quality of products out of proportion to the packaging, and virtually devalued the quality of products. Product quality needs to be improved

due to different enterprise backgrounds and the lack of unified industry standards, the control of product quality only lies in the quality inspection of the enterprise itself. The products of various manufacturers use woven fabrics as raw materials on the front, so the environmental protection can be guaranteed. Whether the coating made on the background is environmentally friendly, harmless to people, and whether the construction quality is guaranteed during the construction process is uneven. Some enterprises have not even been certified by the national building materials testing department. According to the author's personal experience, the back coating of some enterprise products will cause slight itching if it touches the skin. Therefore, both business operators, dealers and consumers should pay attention to it

the price needs to be standardized. During the great development in the past two years, the price competition is directly reflected in the white hot. The market price gap between enterprises is not small. Among them, there are speculators' sudden profits, not the price of goods, but also some enterprises at the cost of reducing the quality of products to achieve the purpose of low prices

enterprise management and corporate culture lag

in terms of enterprise management and corporate culture, various manufacturers are even more uneven, especially cross industry development enterprises, whose understanding of the wallpaper industry is not deep enough, has brought a series of management problems. In the actual sales cooperation process with an enterprise, the author has encountered many low-level mistakes in management and marketing, and finally had to find a better partner. It can be seen that the immaturity in management and cultural construction has not attracted enough attention from some operators. To solve this problem, the fundamental lies in introducing professionals, establishing a complete enterprise management system, positioning the direction of enterprise culture, and making the whole enterprise develop comprehensively and healthily in production, sales, after-sales and other aspects

the industry is still in a growth period

the national standard for the wallpaper industry came into force on October 1, 2010. From the formulation and release of industry specifications to the specific implementation, the government and enterprises need to do a lot of work. At present, the proportion of wall coverings in the industry is still relatively small, and seamless wall coverings are in a growing period, which requires far sighted enterprises to play a leading role

other aspects

in the publicity of enterprises, the practices of various manufacturers are different, and some uncertain contents are used by enterprises for a large number of positive publicity. Whether there is ambiguity needs to be tested by relevant departments and consumers. For example, whether the old wall can be constructed directly. In the publicity of product features, the manufacturers did not clarify their own characteristics and styles, which seemed to have a sense of similarity

III. industry outlook of seamless wallcovering

seamless wallcovering, as a new product, has many advantages, but its current market share is still limited, which needs the joint efforts of manufacturers and dealers to make it bigger and stronger. The author is still very optimistic about the prospect of seamless wall fabric products

first of all, the market demand is constantly expanding

after various manufacturers' publicity in different ways, the market awareness is growing, and the market demand is also showing an upward trend. As a high-end product in the wallpaper industry, the market share of Wallcovering will inevitably increase year by year, while seamless wallcovering will inevitably increase its market share with its many transcendent characteristics

secondly, from the perspective of the development law of enterprises, all production-oriented enterprises need to work hard to improve their internal skills and management system, which will inevitably lead to the upgrading of product quality

from product design and development, to product packaging and marketing, to after-sales service, we should make great efforts to continuously improve the competitiveness of enterprises and products. The ultimate driving force for the development of enterprises still comes from the competitiveness of products and from the market cognition of products. Therefore, after a period of development, it is bound to make their own characteristics clearer in terms of product quality, and the competitive advantages of products also tend to be clearer, and finally form a situation of coexistence and common prosperity. And those enterprises that cannot improve management and keep up with the market will inevitably be eliminated

third, the key to the development of dealers lies in integration

for brand operators or market dealers, whether they can form their own good development trend depends on integration. The current number of manufacturers and products is enough to promote the birth of seamless wallcovering stores. However, in the selection of manufacturers and products, we must investigate from many aspects, and we can find products suitable for local consumption characteristics for integration when purchasing, so as to form different levels of product chains

however, in the process of market action and development, there is still a long way to go to promote marketing after the product integration is reasonable. At present, enterprises have been committed to the national promotion of seamless wallcovering stores, and Emmy family is one of them

although there are many problems in the production and management of seamless wallcovering enterprises, there are problems before there is power, and there is power before there is vitality. The development of the industry is the same as the development of enterprises. As a new product in the wallpaper industry, seamless wallcovering will become increasingly prosperous with the development of the whole industry


Author: Wu Jian, general manager of Beijing aimeishijia decorative materials Co., Ltd





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