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For many consumers, decoration is not only a major event in family life, but also a large expenditure. Zhang Sijia, Secretary General of the Environmental Protection Committee of Beizhuang Association, suggested that consumers should not blindly pursue luxury in home decoration. Simple design can not only reduce costs, but also help to ensure the safety of the indoor environment. Whether the decoration is cost-effective depends on three factors

■ factor 1: the complexity of decoration design

the more complex the decoration design and construction, the more various functional spaces and shapes, the larger the quantities, the more main and auxiliary materials used, and the higher the decoration cost. The main reason for indoor environmental pollution caused by decoration is to ignore the construction superposition effect of decoration materials. Even if all decoration materials that meet the limit standard of harmful substances of indoor decoration materials are used, the finished decoration products after construction may also cause indoor environmental pollution

■ factor 2: the cost performance of decoration materials

the cost performance of decoration materials is determined by the following factors: 1. The rarity of decoration materials. New decorative materials are often expensive; The price of decoration materials produced with valuable raw materials must also be high. 2. The longer the service life and the better the quality of decoration materials, the higher the price. 3. Procurement channels of decoration materials. The larger the building materials supermarket and building materials market, the less the purchase links, and the lower the relative price

■ factor 3: whether the indoor environment after decoration is safe and pollution-free

for indoor decoration projects with the same cost, the indoor environmental quality after completion determines whether the decoration is cost-effective. Even for decoration projects with unique shape, beautiful and comfortable appearance and reasonable price, if the indoor environment is polluted after decoration, decoration consumers will not be able to move in normally. At first, it needs to increase investment in indoor environmental pollution control, causing losses and disputes due to the delay of the construction period, and at last, it needs to be demolished and changed greatly, resulting in heavy losses. More seriously, if decoration consumers live in polluted rooms for a long time, it may also affect the health and safety of you and your family, causing mental and physical losses, as well as seeking medical advice. Therefore, the decoration is the most cost-effective for safety and environmental protection

therefore, it is necessary to advocate simple style decoration, minimize the use and construction of decoration materials, choose a large-scale and reputable home building materials market, buy environmental protection decoration materials and furniture, and entrust a testing unit designated by the quality and technical supervision department to test the indoor environment before moving in. If you find that the indoor environment has pollution problems, don't rush to check in. It can be solved through negotiation between decoration companies, furniture manufacturers and quality management departments in the home building materials market

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